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A b o u t  T a m a a r a

For over 27 years, Tamaara has been providing wisdom, guidance and loving support to clients all over the world. Her insight and guidance is inspirational, often awe-invoking and consistently supportive and loving. Through private sessions, Tamaara communicates one-on-one with each client, listening, discussing and providing assistance to the most important personal issues. In group workshops, Tamaara provides life altering concepts, guided meditations and interactive guidance with participants.

You are here to discover who you are - the light and magnificence of your True Self - and with that, to learn how to embrace the wonder and beauty of life - knowing you did so consciously.

A conversation with Tamaara is like a conversation with a great friend - one who knows you innately and understands exactly what you need to take the next step in your spiritual growth.  Each session is loving, profound and often transformational.  If you don't understand yourself innately, with Tamaara's help, you will very soon.   Whether you are seeking to heal your inner child, release blockages to love or finances or explore and create an exciting new future, Tamaara's guidance is invaluable.  Regardless of the topic, Tamaara has a way of guiding us in ways that are unique and eye opening. But more so, if you are seeking to take steps to really accelerate your growth, you won't want to miss an opportunity to talk to Tamaara, either in a one-on-one private session or at any of the amazing upcoming workshops.