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M o n t h l y  R e c o r d i n g Discussion & Meditation

Monthly Meditations:  Charting the Future

Discussion and Meditation Series occurring monthly

Live or downloadable


Tamaara's monthly discussions are a fascinating exploration of the times.  They provide encouragement, support and loving guidance to all of us navigating through these challenging times. In each discussion, Tamaara addresses the energies of the times, but also provides interesting and inspiring information on how to bring about the positive changes you desire.  These discussions are fun and interactive as all participants get to share their experiences from prior weeks as Tamaara comments, directs and points us each collectively and individually.   Each discussion includes a powerful meditation to connect to a powerful, positive, enlightened future  - adding to our tapestry of futures.

Purchase Prior Recordings:


Select from any of the following prior recordings.  Available for immediate download.  Approximately 90 minutes.  Includes guided meditation. $29 each

Livng the Joy-filled, Inspired Life 


While the chaos in the world continues, you can remain in the eye of the storm, finding balance and holding your center.  Peace can be found and maintained internally as we seek the joy-filled, inspired life.  Tamaara guides us into a magnificent meditation where we experience the truth that anything is possible.


Available for immediate download.  1 1/2 hrs





Sunny Days Ahead  


What can we expect next?   In a word - "sunshine!"  Not just sunny summer days, but the bright light of day filling our lives for the next several months.  Catching the wind in a fast moving sail boat is exhilarating even if the waters get rough.  Even though sometimes we may fall down, we get back up laughing because we're on the ride of our lives!  Check out this wonderful discussion of what to expect along with great advice for riding smooth or choppy waters. Includes powerful meditation to the future to plant seeds of love, abundance and happiness.


Available for immediate download.  1 1/2 hrs





Becoming More 


In this time of change, we are being called upon to own who we truly are and bust out of what has been holding us back. Barriers are crumbling.  Old structures are falling apart, but at the same time, miracles are happening. New buds are beginning to show themselves from the seeds we planted so long ago - soon to blossom into the beauty of the new world. Meditation included.  


Available soon.  $29





The Power of In-Between


In these challenging times, it is important to acknowledge that we are "in between" - in between what was and what will be. But we are also in between who we have been and who we are becoming.  In this wonderful discussion, Tamaara takes us on a fascinating exploration of our True Self followed by a powerful meditation to connect with the True Self that we are becoming.   


Available for immediate download.  1 1/2 hrs





Foundational Beliefs 


In this discussion, Tamaara addresses beliefs that form the foundation for all of our limitations but also for all of our powers and strengths.  Foundational beliefs are powerful and incredibly important.  Its time to discover these beliefs along with ways to address and alter them.  As you'll see, these times make the discovery of such beliefs easier than any time in the past.  


Available for immediate download     $9.95