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Day 29:  Open your heart


As this program comes to a close, there is both a sense of sadness because it is ending, and also a sense of celebration at having successfully completed it. This training, unlike many classes you may have taken in school, isn't so much about learning new information as it is about applying what you already know by practicing, practicing, practicing.  Today, as we near the end of this 30 day program, we add one additional component.  If there was only one thing to learn and do in all of your lifetimes, it is this: 


open your heart to love and be loved.


This course has focused on manifesting more wealth in your life, but the truth is, you are always manifesting.  Every thought, every feeling and every belief creates an energy flow that attracts its likeness.  By focusing on money and your desire to resonate on more and more of it, you naturally lift your energy field.  In time, you begin to exude an energy of confidence and attract more and more positive experiences into your life.  Love is the highest frequency we know.  At times when you have attracted the greatest success and happiness, it was because you open to love.  You were feeling loved.  You were being loving.  And, if for some reason, you were unable to remain in that loving, giving place, it was only because of interfering beliefs.  You could beat yourself up for that - and, of course, you have - but, you also know that never works.  Criticism, judgments, and anger will never provide the freedom and happiness you want.  You know this and so you continue to clear out the blocks.  Sometimes it seems like the same ones over and over, but the goal is always the same:  be loved!


On day 21, you added the component of gratitude to your manifesting repertoire and when you did, you should have noticed a shift in your energy immediately.  That is because gratitude shifts your perspective so you begin to look for the places where love appears in your life.  It lifts your spirits and augments your energy focus of manifesting what you want. Opening your heart may be the missing piece that pulls this whole program together.  If you haven't yet manifested what you specifically desire, it is only because something gets in the way of letting yourself be loved. 


In truth, that is what all this work is about.  Manifesting great wealth allows you to receive the bounty of life.  Wealth in truth is not a thing - but an energy - a state of consciousness that opens you to receive!  The more you open - the more you receive!  It is really as simple as that!  


In this course, you are clearly putting your focus on what is outside, but to do this you already know you have to alter your money consciousness from the inside.    A Course in Miracles reminds us that it is our internal experience that is important and that we are continually in a place of choice: to choose to experience love or to experience fear. When you make a commitment to create an internal experience of love, you will attract more love.  Though it is almost knee jerk to look at our external experience to feel better, the adept manifestor knows it is the other way around.  You need to first feel better in order to manifest external experiences that reflect it.


Today, sit back and reflect on all you have learned over the last 29 days.  Daily emails, daily visualizations, daily meditations are only reminders to keep you on track, but the dedication, the intention and focus came from you.  You did it and can continue to do it.  Love and appreciate yourself for what you've done.  Love and appreciate your success.  Love yourself for the qualities you have demonstrated and are demonstrating that make you a winner:  commitment, dedication, discipline, focus, motivation, gratitude, and now heart! 


It is not true that anyone is unloveable or unworthy or undeserving,. These are beliefs that were formed over many lifetimes which you came to heal.  And the one sole reason you want to heal these things is so you can open to receive ALL that life has to offer.  Ultimately, so you can receive ALL THAT IS.


Start today by shutting down the negative voices and turning to receive the love that is available at every turn.  In truth, you deserve to Have It All and to do that you need to open your eyes and see that it's been sitting there all along.  Like jelly bean eggs on Easter - they are everywhere if you just look!


To open to receive more money in your life, open your heart by acknowledging there is a higher power inside you right now.  Open to this ever present Source of love that is everywhere around you.  Each day, open to your personal connection with this omniscient presence within you.  Spend just a few minutes each day sensing this presence and then throughout your day, ask this inner connection to bring your desired goal into form. Allow love to flow into all situations and events in your life.  Sense love flowing to the grocery clerk, the angry gas station attendant and the new package you just purchased on Amazon. As this inner knowing of love and connection with the ALL That Is expands and progresses, you will manifest amazing results.  Develop a relationship with love because it s everywhere around you.  It exists in all the things of life.  Receive it.  It's sitting there for the taking!

Welcome to MONEY MAGIC

30 Days of manifesting money


My Money Journal

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"Open your heart, ignite the flame in your being and awaken the natural flow of life energy in your heart. When your heart opens, the world around you changes."

           --- Mingtong Gu

"The greatest potential we have for opening our hearts lies in the opening of our minds.” 
― Vironika Tugaleva"

Dream Journal.  


You may already have a habit of journaling.  Perhaps you have a diary or place where you write out your thoughts - all beneficial things to do - but a dream journal expands your journaling to something more.  A Dream Journal holds all your dreams and more.  It is a place were you write out your dreams, of course, but also where you put photos, magazine clippings, newspaper articles of things in alignment with your dreams.  It is a place where you open to the Muse within to fantasize about the possible.  You can buy a beautiful bound writing journal if you like.  You can use a three ring binder and add your own pages including those from your ACTION & INTENTION JOURNAL, but the goal is to have a place to jot down your dreams, your yearnings and give open expression to your heart's desires. Write or copy poems. Write out lyrics to your favorite songs. Stir the Muse within - that part of you that knows how to dream and express the dreaming through words or pictures or art or music.  You can still have another book for journaling day's events or for writing out angry thoughts.  This journal is only for dreams.


This is the place where you can open that part of you that perhaps you put to sleep long ago.  When you do, you may find an inner power that you didn't know you had.  Inspire yourself.  Love yourself by dreaming and allowing the dreams to become real in your life.

EXERCISE 29:  Opening your heart


1. Create a Dream Journal.  In this journal you are going to add all things that stimulate your heart and open you more and more to love.  Add in photos of things you desire to have, places you want to go, even people you want to meet.  Write out dreams and yearnings.  Add in quotes that inspire you, information about people that inspire you as well poetry and song lyrics that touch your heart.  This is a special, private place where you give yourself full permission to dream, express, vision, and fantasize without restriction.  Let this heartfelt, Soul-full part of you open and feel free to express!


2.  Open to love.  Love and gratitude overflow and blend together but they are still different energies.  Let love express itself through you as much as possible each day.  In this exercise, give yourself just 60' to feel, send and receive love.  Close you eyes and set your intention to feel love in your heart and then allowing it to expand through each chakra.  Each day, try to extend it for a few more seconds until you are up to 2 minutes, then 5 and then 15 or more.  The more you do this, the more you will manifest!


3.  Sending love.  In this exercise, you will sense love between you and 3 people:  (1) a friend you care about (2) someone you know but just feel so-so about and (3) someone you hate or really dislike.  To do this, just close your eyes and first imagine the person you care about.  Imagine you see this person in your mind's eye and that you are flowing loving, warm, caring energy to this person.  Do this for a few minutes, then move to the second person - the one you feel so-so about.  Do the same with this person and with the one you dislike.  When complete with all three, lastly imagine that you see yourself and send the same loving, warm, caring energy to yourself.  Write your experiences in your ACTION & INTENTION JOURNAL. 

DAILY REMINDER:  Watch for the emails you will receive each day with meditations and visualizations - all designed to keep building your resonance.  Do whatever works for you to get totally immersed in your new identity as an extremely wealthy person.  And, remember to read your Desire Statement twice each day and then write in your ACTION AND INTENTION JOURNAL all the things that you did today.  Keep the resonance going.  Keep building it for all the days to follow. 

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