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Welcome to MONEY MAGIC

30 Days of manifesting money

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" Your imagination is like a muscle that can be strengthened with exercise. Let your imagination soar."

""I want you to come work with me Arthur.  I know you are getting a lot of offers, but over here we do things differently and its not just because we pay the most.


"It's not just about the money for me."


"Don't be afraid of money, Arthur. You deserve it. You and I can do a lot of special things together and have a ship load of fun doing it.


"I'll think about it."


"You think about it and give me a call when you realize you can have it all!"

Day 14 - I'll See It When I Believe It!


You are making great progress.  You feel yourself inspired, excited about the potentials.  You've set a money goal - whether that be $50,000 or $50,000,000 - you've set a goal that should lift your resonance just because the possibility of it coming true is so exciting.  All the exercises including the visualizations, the meditations and affirmations are designed with the same goal - to convince you to BELIEVE that your goal is not only possible, but that it WILL HAPPEN.


In this section, we are going to explore the small little voice that says "It will never happen."  This is the voice that we know is there and are often afraid to address. Frankly, resonating in this high space is quite wonderful.  It feels good to be in a space where an exceptionally prosperous future is a reality, but what if...?  What if  I don't make it?  What if it never happens? Such a prospect carries a lot of weight and if it carries more weight than the belief that I CAN succeed, we all know which part is going to win.


Your determination can also begin to wane as time passes and no tangible evidence shows up in your physical reality. Or, worse yet, things do start showing up that scare you and make you back away from the success.  You have lots of tools already, including expanding your self-image.  But it would really help a lot if that fear voice just went away altogether!


You've decided you want more money.  You also decided a number of other things - perhaps what you don't want:  you don't want to struggle with money again; you don't want to worry about having enough; you don't want to be in debt or that you don't want to worry about whether you can afford something or not. But, your subconscious doesn't understand negatives.  In other words, to say I "don't" want to worry can be translated by the subconscious as "worry" or "want to worry."  You have to program the messages to the subconscious in a way that overrides the old messages and beliefs.  And you have to resolve the conflict that exists between wanting lots of money and the part that says "No."


There's a valid reason why you developed fears that hold you back - even the doubts about whether you will succeed.  The tendency to worry that you'll never be able to change or to fall down and feel sorry because "it just doesn't work for me" is a familiar pattern. To change image and identity to a whole new person - a person who never worries about money and who has unlimited wealth can be a huge stretch into very unfamiliar territory.  It's scary.


Obviously, the first thing to do is address the fear itself.  What is the fear saying? Is it fear of failure?   Is it fear of success cause you might lose the "you" you know?  What does that voice say?  In the exercise below, you will be directed on how to talk and listen to this voice of fear. But, let's also use some logical techniques to alter the conclusion you made - way back when - that "nothing works for me" and the fear that goes with it. 


When you really want something, but are afraid to have it, a conflict occurs. The conflict is between the part of you that is determined to create a bountiful reality and the part of you that believes, based on past evidence, that it "just won't happen."  Obviously, there is evidence in your past of failures, but there is also evidence of success.  Because it is inherent in each of us to do whatever is necessary to avoid pain, a lot of power is given to that fear voice.  If you believe that what you want is going to cause pain, you’re not going to want to go for it, are you? 


Let's say, you decide you want to manifest a new car, but you already know you don't have enough money to buy it.  How does that affect your thinking?  In most instances, your attention diverts to what you don't have.  "I don't have enough money to buy the car."  It's not that you want to focus on the fact that you don't have enough money, but because you fear it, you find yourself thinking about it.  Another example is you do a great job imagining you already have the car. You think about it and get excited about it, but as soon as you look at your checkbook, your logic kicks in and you find yourself saying "I don't have enough money."  Your focus is redirected to thoughts and feelings of not having enough.


So, how to break this vicious cycle!  One of the best things you can do is to focus on what makes you feel good.  All of the visualizations and meditations in this course are designed to build your resonance to a high frequency of happiness, excitement, enthusiasm and to keep it going as long as possible. You can focus on what makes you feel good and allow the emotions to take over.  Emotions are powerful generators - even more powerful than beliefs. When you focus on what makes you feel good, the emotional energy of those feelings builds and creates a magnetic frequency that attracts things in that same frequency. Does the idea of having great riches bring you pleasure? Does it make you feel good?  If so, focus on feeling good.  In that way, you are doing two things:  you are resonating on the "feel good" energy and you are not lying to yourself or creating internal conflict because all you are doing is affirming that you FEEL GOOD.  You can do this exercise when visualizing or meditating by just thinking about what you want.  As we've been discussing, just think about what you want, visualize yourself in the situation, and self-talk about your feelings this imaging brings. Slowly and  subtly, the idea imprints in your subconscious and emotionally, you can alter your feelings to one of “go get it” instead of “you can’t have it.

 Click here for Integrating Parts Meditation

In some instances, however, just feeling good and focusing on the positive, doesn't last.  In fact, the natural high you experience from the happy resonance may be the very reason your fear starts escalating.  If your subconscious has been programmed that "money is dangerous," for example, the fear is going to be triggered.  If you have a belief that "even when I win, I lose", your reality is going to start showing loss.  Perhaps its small at first, such as the utility bill goes up this month, or your get a notice that your insurance rates went up.  They are all signs that perhaps you're hitting the glass ceiling - as the expression goes - and soon your subconscious belief that says "don't go there" starts to kick in.  In such an instance, putting on a happy face and ignoring the fear, can be dangerous!


A great way to address this conflict is to give voice to both "parts."  There are lots of different techniques, but here is a fairly easy one that you can do by thinking it through and "listening."   The process involves giving voice to both parts, but seeking the highest intent or purpose of both parts.  Start with the negative part tracing what it is seeking until you determine what is its highest purpose.  Then do the same with the second part until you discover that they both want the same thing.  Follow the process listed below to integrate the two parts and then write in your Action and Intention Journal what you have discovered.


Also, don't forget that today you need to spend $750,000.  What are you going to purchase today that is new and different than anything else you've purchased in the last few days?   Write it out in the Magic Money Forum so other's can see your abundance and wealth!

EXERCISE 14:  Integrating Parts


Follow this process and see what happens:


1.  First step is to differentiate the two parts.  Begin by focusing on the object of your desire, for example, increasing your annual income or getting a new, higher paying job.   Get of sense of that energy and determine which hand represents that part.


2.  Now, think about the opposite.  What voice or feeling comes up that stops you from achieving this goal?  Get a sense of the energy of this part and imagine that it is represented by the other hand.


3.  Hold both hands up with palms facing the ceiling.  Imagine your two hands each represent these parts.  Select the hand that represents the part that is interfering with your goal.   With eyes closed, imagine this part is sitting in your hand.  Get a sense of it.  How heavy is it?  Where is it sitting in your hand?  What kind of form does it take? What does it look like physically?


4.  Focus on this part and how it operates in your life.  What does it say?  What does it do? 


5.  Ask this "part" what is its purpose in doing the kinds of things that it does.  For example, if it doesn't want you to have more money, ask what is its purpose in stopping you from having more money. Dialogue with it getting answers similar to the following:


"Why do you stop money from coming into my life?"

"To keep you small."  

"What is your purpose in keeping me small?"  

"To keep you safe."  

What is your purpose in keeping me safe?  

"To keep you happy."


Keep asking the question about its purpose until you feel you get to its highest purpose.


6.  Next, do the same thing with the positive part. First, identify what it does.  Then ask it what its purpose is in doing these things.  As in the example above, it might say:


"I get  revved up and excited."  

"What is your purpose in getting revved up and excited?"  

"I get motivated." 

"What is your purpose in getting motivated?"

"I start taking action."

"What is your highest purpose in taking action?"

"It makes me happy."


Keep asking questions until you get to the highest purpose AND discover that its highest purpose is the same as that of the lesser part.


7.  When you have reached a place where both conflicting parts are in agreement that their purpose is the same, close your eyes again and this time imagine you are showing these two parts how much they agree.  As you do this, slowly bring your hands togther until they touch.  When your hands touch, imagine these two parts are now blended and in agreement that they both want you to be "happy" or "loved" or "confident" or whatever the mutual quality is.  


8.  Still with eyes closed and hands blended together, pull both of these energies into your heart and feel them blend together into your heart.  Thank them for providing all that they have provided all these years to reach that goal.  


Write out what you experience in your ACTION & INTENTION JOURNAL.




Don't forget that today you have to spend $750,000.  Write in your ACTION & INTENTION JOURNAL what you purchase and exactly how much you spend.  Make sure you add your purchases and the amount to the Money Magic Forum!

DAILY REMINDER:  Watch for the emails you will receive each day with meditations and visualizations - all designed to keep building your resonance.  Do whatever works for you to get totally immersed in your new identity as an extremely wealthy person.  And, remember to read your Desire Statement twice each day and then write in your ACTION AND INTENTION JOURNAL all the things that you did today.  Keep the resonance going.  Keep building it for 30 days. 

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