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Welcome to MONEY MAGIC

30 Days of manifesting money

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"The whole of eternity is present in each moment.

When I live my life one moment at a time, one breath at a time,

I live from my Highest Self which is one with all.

        --- Joan Drescher

"Everything is Divine Energy. It is a live, infinite, sea of love, joy, creativity, and goodwill. Divine Energy is the source of all abundance. It fills all space.  There is nowhere it is not, so there is no lack anywhere, any time. It is equally available to all including you and me.

Day 20 - Dancing with Angels


Yesterday, you worked with building an avenue for the flow of your new money. You should be excited at your progress and proud of your ability to stick it through!  Tomorrow will be three weeks.  This is a good time to bring in the assistance of your Higher Self - not to build the resonance, but to guide and assist you as you continue on this path.  Your Higher Self is one of your best and greatest tools, but when it comes to money, this resource is often either overlooked or ignored.  Why is that?


Money is often seen as the opposite of being spiritual.  Spiritual people have long hair, dirty robes and sandals.  Spiritual people struggle to have enough money to pay their rent or their phone bills, but says the consensus, it doesn't matter because they "are close to God."  Have you ever traced where these beliefs 



If you look at the history of Western religion, you'll see evidence of great wealth on the part of the Church.  Grand, massive cathedrals.  Beautiful altars of carved marble, priceless statues, paintings, solid gold, bejeweled chalices, magnificent works of art created by the Great Masters: Michelangelo, De Vinci, Rubens, Rembrandt, Raphael, Bellini. These items remain priceless possessions of churches across Europe and many parts of the world.  Clearly, it wasn't the churches that were poor - only the masses of people who were told to sacrifice for the good of the whole.  


On the opposite side of the spectrum are monks and priests who made vows of poverty and gave up all "worldly goods" devoting their time and energy to prayer and sacrifice. The belief that wealth and spirituality contradict each other has been around for thousands of years.  Even Eastern religions speak of the 

importance of giving up "all earthy desires."  Both extremes have developed through a history of chauvinism that has separated the world into divisions of either / or.  


Webster's Dictionary defines money as "something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment."  Money is energy and it is a wonderful energy because it can be used in exchange for anything you want:  a new house, a property on the beach, a vacation to Tahiti, a Lear Jet, a hotel, a hospital.  All of these things can be purchased - "owned" - through this energy called money.


In your studies of metaphysics, you've been introduced to a beautiful spirituality. You've connected with your Higher Self, with your Soul, with your Spirit.  You've journeyed to ancient lands, met with Lemurian Dreamers, Ancient Ones, 

Archetypes and mystical friends.  Yet the idea of money and spirituality remains distinctively separate.  Its time to fill the gap.


In truth, everything you do in life is based on how open you are to receiving and being loved.  In this regard, you've done thousands of processes to heal your past and open to the future.  All of these steps lift you a little bit higher and 

open you a little bit more to being loved.  Money is no different, but because it has such a bad rap, we see it as bad.  We judge wanting it as greedy and selfish. We judge those that have it as aggressive and uncaring - as unspiritual.


Yet, money - this energy of money - is part of All That Is.  It represents the ability to receive the overwhelming, unlimited bounty of this physical world.  What could be more spiritual than that?  Isn't that what you've always been seeking?  It is 

impossible to separate money from spirituality because they are one and the same.  Opening to receive All That Is requires unlimited acceptance and opening to the love which it represents.  People who have great wealth may not have it all 

together. They may not have successful relationships or perfect lives, but they have learned how to manifest and how to receive and the greater the level of receiving the greater the ability to love and be loved. Opening to receive more money in your life is allowing you to open to receive on multiple levels!


It is imperative to alter the feelings you have around money and re-define what it represents.  A father who loves his children wants them to have it all. A mother wants her son, her daughter, to have everything that life can offer.  This same level of love is available to you from God, from Goddess, from All That Is.  


This is your final battle. In truth, it is the only battle. Opening to allow money to flow easily and effortlessly into your life - to allow it to flow abundantly - is the same energy that says you are worthy. You are loved. It is not all that there is or all that you will discover about love, but it is a wonderful opening to allow and receive.  And it's long overdue. 


Your Higher Self will help you.  They will guide and support you in this endeavor. Your goal to manifest great wealth, is simply a target of desire and because you desire it, you allow yourself to reach and stretch beyond what limits you.  Each time you receive more of whatever this planet has to offer, you receive a little more love. As you are discovering, releasing a belief that your don't deserve money, releases a belief that you don't deserve!  Releasing a belief that you're not enough, doesn't just alter your ability to receive money, it alters your ability to receive anything. You are on more than a journey to just raise your finances, you are on the most spiritual endeavor of your life. Because if you can succeed at this, you are opening to more and more love everywhere in your life - a love that gives you what you want. You are opening to a love that is everywhere, in everything and yours is to receive!  


Opening your heart to allow money to flow abundantly into your life, creates more peace and joy.  You can flow this same peace and joy out into the world, helping the world to open to this same flow.  Money is an energy that can bring great happiness and provide solutions to so many problems and 

challenges in the world. Your Higher Self knows the most perfect way for you to reach your goal of great wealth.  They want you to succeed because they want you to achieve all that is possible, opening your heart to all the bounty that is available. In doing so, you are opening to a higher resonance of love - the ultimate goal in not just manifesting great bounty and happiness - but in living your life to the fullest.


When you pursue your dreams, it is more than just you at work.  You've heard the phrase "you are not alone."  Your Higher Self is there with you as part of your expansion and desire to reach for more.  They are right there by your side.  This is what your Higher Self and Soul want for your life and what they planned for you before you were even born.  Your Higher Self knows what you planned to accomplish this lifetime and are with you to help you achieve those goals.  They are tuned in to you.  Now, it's time to tune in to them so you can hear, sense, feel them in all you do, particularly, now, where your goal is so clear and focused. If you aren’t accustomed to hearing their voice or to sensing their guidance,  you miss out on so much of what they can give to you.  They are here to help you manifest all that you want in your life.  Open to their support and guidance.  This  

relationship is a powerful resource in your ability to manifest not only more money in your life, but to manifest anything.  Include an enhanced relationship with your Higher Self as part of that bounty.  Imagine being able to sense or hear them in all you do - learning to trust that sense as you make choices and decisions.  You can get skilled at this, building more confidence in yourself and your connection with them as well as trusting more and more in the messages you receive.  Once your Higher Self knows you are listening and receiving what they have for you, they will jump on board - full speed ahead!  

Tuning in to sense or hear your Higher Self and other unseen friends, is a skill that can be developed and improved with practice.  You may already have an ability to sense and receive guidance in your meditations and, in time, you can trust more and more that their guidance is available to you in your normal, daily life.  


A great suggestion is to ask for support or guidance when you are not totally focused on getting the answers you need.   What this means is, ask your question in your head while you are driving the car, taking the dog for a walk or working on your computer.  The reason for this is that any anxiety you may have over receiving an answer, or not receiving an answer, is distracted because you are busy doing more than one thing. You mind is not totally focused on receiving the answer to your question.   Present your question and then release it, waiting for the answer to come at a later point in time.  The answer may come in many playful ways.  Perhaps, you ask a question and an hour or so later you hear the announcer on the television or the radio speaking words that respond to your request.  Perhaps, you get a phone call that is exactly what you needed to hear or you receive an email or letter than provides the guidance you were seeking.  You may even just get an intuitive sense or an aha that provides the guidance you seek.


At first, you may doubt the answers.  You may think you are just imagining it, but trust what you are sensing.  In time, the answers will become more clear. The answers or guidance you receive from your Higher Self and guides will be empowering, supportive and loving.   So, look for that in your day-to-day life.   Watch for responses.  Listen.  Pay attention.  Your Higher Self will get through if you are open to receive the messages.   Write down what you hear or sense, particularly in the morning as you wake.  Dreams can be specially powerful ways to get messages  through to you. 


Make an attempt throughout your day to be more and more present. When you are eating food, notice what you are eating.  Enjoy each morsel.  Be fully present in the moment.  If you walk your dog, notice the grass, the flowers, the wind, the sun. As you practice this, you will be of clearer mind.  There will be less chatter and errant thoughts allowing you to be more open to receive the messages from your guides and Higher Self.  As you clear the mental clutter from your mind, you are opening space for your Higher Self to reach through to you.   Remember, it's not that they are not with you.  They are with you all of the time, but your ability to hear, sense, see and know that they are there responding and guiding is blocked or limited.


As you open these channels, your Higher Self will lead you to answers and activities that will bring you great, great wealth.  There is no limit to the amount of abundance you can achieve and both You and your Higher Self want you to have it. Abundance and overflowing bounty is a natural state of your physical world. Everything on this planet is overflowing with abundance.  Look at the number of stars in the sky, the grains of sand on the beach, the number of fish in the sea, the number of birds, trees, flowers.  There is evidence of an unending abundance everywhere you look.  Yet you struggle with money.  You may be in debt.  You may have barely enough to get by or you may have just enough to be comfortable, but now you have a most powerful resource that you can enhance and develop.  As you are opening to more and more abundance in your life, you are allowing yourself to be loved in whole new ways.  Your Higher Self has been waiting for ways to show you that you are loved and is thrilled to be an active part of your life.  They are there for you 100%.  


Use the exercises described below to practice new ways to receive loving support and guidance from your Higher Self and other unseen friends.  Practice the exercises and, like any relationship, give it the time and attention it needs to build the love and intimacy. 

EXERCISE 20:   Receiving spiritual support and guidance  


In addition to your regular meditation work, use the following exercises to expand your awareness of your Higher Self in your day-to-day life. Write in your ACTION & INTENTION JOURNAL what you discover in the following exercises:


1.  Make a list of at least 5 realistic, practical questions that you would like your Higher Self to answer.   They can be questions such as, "why am I always struggling to have enough?" Or, "What can I do to break my limiting earning pattern?" Perhaps you want to know "why am I always in debt?"  Then use any of the following techniques to get your answer. Write what you discover in your ACTION & INTENTION JOURNAL.


Inner dialogue.  Carry on an inner dialogue with your Higher Self every day.  Talk to your Higher Self

saying such things as "I know you are there, please speak to me or show me a sign that you are there."   Or, "Show me a sign of the best way I can generate more income today."  Talk to them as you would talk to a friend.  Know they are listening. Spend the rest of the day, looking for answer to your question.  You may just sense, intuit an answer. Sometimes, it may sound like the voice of someone you know speaking to you in your head.  Sometimes, it may sound like the voice of logic or reason or of compassion.  You may see wording written across the TV screen or a message on a license plate.  Be open.  Watch and listen.  Messages from your Higher Self will never be negative or condescending, but are always positive and uplifting.  In time, you will begin to trust more and more want you are sensing or hearing.   Write down in your ACTION & INTENTION JOURNAL whatever you perceive to be an answer, no matter how small or unbelievable it may be.  Be persistent. They will come!


Sit and Talk. Imagine you are in a beautiful garden or near a pond that has a wooden or stone bench.  Ask your Higher Self to join your there so you can sit and chat. At first, it may feel like you imagined it, but in time it will become more and more real to you.  Write down what you experience. Keep talking to this manifestation of your Higher Self until it feels like you’re talking to someone real and the answers you’re getting don’t seem like they’re coming from your own head.  This can take time and practice. 


2.  Journaling can be a wonderful and easy way to open a dialogue with your Higher Self.  Use a computer or hand write in a notebook.  You can use the list of questions you wrote in number 1 above or you can start with an entirely new question.  Write the question at the top of the first page. Then sense or listen for the answer and type or write it out. Then ask another question.  Keep going.  Even if at first it seems like you are speaking to your negative ego, keep practicing with the intention to go deeper.  Before long you wi’ll notice a shift in the answers you get. Don’t filter or try to figure it out.  Just write out what you sense or hear.  Sometmes beautiful, meditative music in the background can help set the mood while you’re doing this and assist in raising your vibration.


3.  Select a color that represents your Higher Self to you. For example, let's say you select a pale violet or a light blue. Now spend the entire day looking for evidence of that color.  When you see the color - no matter where that may be - know your Higher Self is responding to you, letting you know they are there for you. At first it may seem silly - a violet colored car or a purple house, but acknowledge and thank them for making their presence known to you.  As time goes on, you will see greater and greater evidence that they are present everywhere in your life.  Once you are feeling skilled at seeing them around you in your reality, start asking them questions.  Start with simple ones and then expand to more complex ones as your confidence in your abilities increases. 

DAILY REMINDER:  Watch for the emails you will receive each day with meditations and visualizations - all designed to keep building your resonance.  Do whatever works for you to get totally immersed in your new identity as an extremely wealthy person.  And, remember to read your Desire Statement twice each day and then write in your 

ACTION AND INTENTION JOURNAL all the things that you did today.  Keep the resonance going.  Keep building it for 30 days. 

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