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Day 21 - Gratitude


Today is 3 weeks into this 30 day program. If you're reading this page, you're obviously still participating. Congratulations for sticking with it.  Over the last 3 weeks you've programmed a Statement of Desire.  You've been exploring and releasing limiting beliefs. You've been working to reprogram your subconscious, expand your self-image and are continuing to raise and hold your financial resonance.  Yesterday, you connected in a powerful way with your Higher Self - who joins with you in achieving your goal of great wealth.  


By this time, you should be seeing evidence of improvements in your finances.  As we discussed in prior weeks, there are essentially 4 major steps to manifesting anything you desire:  (1) focus;  (2) build up  (3) thankful release and (4)  action.


If you are not seeing any evidence of change in your financial reality, then check the prior four steps. You know where you are strong and where you are weak. How specific is your goal?  It is fine to set a long term goal of millions of dollars, but on Day 15, we talked about amping up the vibrational frequency of your desire by focusing on something quite a bit smaller and more realistic.  The more specific you are, the easier it is to focus.  When you do that, you make it more real and more possible.   


The Build Up part is using your emotions to generate an energy of excitement and enthusiasm about your new found wealth.   Again, you know how successful you have been in doing this and if you are at all thinking "it never works for me" you're definitely on the wrong frequency.  You will then manifest lack and loss not bounty and abundance.  The frequency building stage is the most important because your emotional state is your rocket fuel!   If you want to get a rocket off the ground, you've got to really push hard until you get outside the atmosphere of resistance.  Your emotions generate a powerful frequency that will life you from where you have been all these years to where you want to be.


Step 3 is saying thank you and releasing it to the Universe so it can come back to you.  This is essentially the step of releasing the what and when while holding the desire and expectation.  And, Step 4 is taking action in your world to open an avenue for your new riches.  All these steps are important.  Don't skip any of them.  Remember:  Desire, Imagine and Expect!  Where are you weak ?  Is your desire weak?  Being specific about what you want is so important.  If you're not sure if you want a new car or a vacation, get clear on it.  No one said you can only have one!  But, pick the one that generates the most excitement, right now.  Pick the one that is a real possibility because you need to believe it to make it happen.


If your imagination is weak or hindered in any way - "I can't imagine that really happening...." then get to work on that.  Once again, picking the right goal in the beginning is going to make a difference.  You have some powerful tools to generate excitement, but you first have to pick something you really want.  If a new car is just ordinary to you then pick something more exciting.  If you already have a vacation planned then another one might not be exciting enough. And if you don't expect it to work, then you need to do some belief changing and healing work around your weak or damaged expectation.  Belief that it will happen is critically important because your subconscious will always respond to what you believe - not what you say you believe or say that you want.  If you say you want something and don't believe you will ever get it, you are 100% right!  Your belief will win every time!


Today we are going to work more specifically on Step 3 which is the letting go part, but it also includes a really powerful component:  Gratitude. 


Gratitude is a very powerful energy. It is about being thankful for everything you are creating in this course, for everything that you are creating in your life - even the set backs and disappointments.   Because it is an energy, it carries its own resonance and when added with you resonance and that of your desires and motivation for great wealth, it can be the very piece that carriers your weak or low energy desires over the top.


Gratitude - like any energy - will replicate itself.  Whatever you are truly grateful for, will expand and grow.   Gratitude can be a conscious tool that you can use to bring in more and more abundance.  It doesn't matter how small the thing may be, gratitude will make it expand.  Like anything, what you focus upon will expand and grow.  You know if you are feeling sorry for yourself, if you are blaming others or seeing yourself as a victim, the resonance of those feelings will expand and grow creating more and more things to be sorry about, to blame others for and to provide evidence that you really are a victim.  


To have great wealth, you MUST be resonating on what it feels like to be wealthy. That's where the imagining comes in.  You may not currently live in a mansion, but you can imagine you do.  There are two visualizations in this program designed to assist you with imagining just that.  When you imagine living in a mansion, you expand what is possible.  You open you mind for new possibilities. You lift your resonance to a new place and feel the excitement of what you imagine it feels like to be rich.  The imaginings, in turn, trigger an emotional response of - happiness, excitement,  Joy - right?  These are the energies that will bring in what you desire and then add on top of that the resonance of being appreciative and grateful for what you have!  It's a powerful mix that will generate even more of what you are already creating.


As you look around today - Day 21 of this Money Magic Program - what do you see that you can be grateful for?  Perhaps you just found a few coins on the sidewalk as you were walking the dog.  It doesn't matter how much you found.  It doesn't matter how big or small the manifestation may be, being grateful is going to lift that energy triple fold!  You found a nickel?  Say "Thank You, Universe!  I'm 5 cents richer than I was yesterday.  I am grateful that my reality is responding to my goals and desires to have more money!"  If you received a discount on something you purchased, be grateful for that. Be grateful for all the things in your life, including your health, or good teeth, or great neighbors.  Perhaps you have a car that keeps running and running - be grateful for having  a car that is reliable.  Be grateful for all that you have and all that you received today.  


Being grateful allows you to appreciate others, but also yourself.  Thank yourself for making the decision to take this course because it is showing you so much about yourself!  Thank your Higher Self for responding to your requests.  Thank your metaphysics for giving you so much knowledge and magic.  Embodying 

gratitude and practicing it in your daily life, lifts you to a whole new frequency. You start focusing on the things that work in your life.  You start noticing the wonderful things and people in your life that you might otherwise miss because you were so focused on what wasn't working.  That will all change today! Here's the lesson for today:


Every time you receive any evidence of money

or abundance in your life, 



"I Am So Very Grateful for All The Money and Abundance

That Continually Comes Into My Life."


Children are wonderful with expectation.  Most often, they see the world as overflowing with possibilities.  Everything is fascinating and exciting to them. If you tell a young child they are becoming very rich and that every day they will see evidence of this coming true, they will discover abundance at every turn.  "Look, Momma, I found a penny!"  "Look, Poppa, I found a bird feather."  "Momma, that man put a quarter in the electric horse and let me ride."  


Children in their innocence, do not hinder their excitement and enthusiasm at the prospect of having something more.  If you tell them something will be, they believe it without a doubt.  You can be this way too.  It is a matter of where you put your focus and attention.  Each daily event can be a reminder of the financial abundance you are attracting.  You, the powerful manifestor that you are, have unlimited ability to create and manifest anything you focus upon!  As you continue to hold and build your excitement of wealth - KNOWING IT IS HAPPENING - use the energy of gratitude to accelerate your excitement.  All you have to do is to set an intention to feel GRATEFUL for any money or new things coming to you each day!  If you have bills coming in, say thank you to your bills knowing you always come out okay, even in the worst of times.  Everyone has a bottom line of how low they will fall.  In the worst times of your life, you only fell so far.  You still managed to have food, water and shelter.  In fact, most of you have never fallen into anything close to poverty.  Remind yourself that you always come out okay and that you have the ability to turn even the worst events around.  You've done it in the past and will do it again.  How do you do that, by your intention and focus!

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Welcome to MONEY MAGIC

30 Days of manifesting money


My Money Journal

"It is impossible to be both grateful and depressed. Those with a grateful mindset tend to see the message in the mess. And even though life may knock them down, the grateful find reasons, if even small ones, to get up.” 

― Steve Maraboli,

""You have a moral responsibility when you’ve been given far more than you need, to do wise things with it and give intelligently."

    --- JK Rowling

"More people are leaving TV behind to read my books than ever before. In the last year alone, I gained over two readers (three, to be exact). So I’d like to take a moment and say thanks mom, dad, and kidnap victim I keep chained in the basement.” 

            ― Jarod Kintz

"My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus."

--- Stephen Hawking

Being grateful for what you have and what you are continuing to build and receive is a habit you can develop.  It will get stronger and easier over time as you remind yourself to look for what you do have that is bringing your ultimate goal closer.  There are opportunities everywhere.  Even finding a bird feather, can be a sign up abundance.  Native American's perceive feathers as gifts from the sky.   Everything you see, experience, receive in a day can be seen as a gift from the sky!


Step 3 of manifesting is releasing the desire for what you want while holding the expectation that it will return at the right time.  Also, included in this step is being thankful, appreciative, grateful for all you have. Thanking the Universe for bringing opportunity to you.  Thanking the Universe in advance for responding to your request. When you are able to feel this gratitude in your heart, it opens you to receive more love in you life.  It lifts your resonance so you can move past negative emotions and allow money to start flowing to you. A state of gratitude, allows the abundance you desire to pour into your life.  


As we discussed yesterday, your Higher Self is supporting you in all your dreams and goals.  No matter how bad things may seem financially, opening your heart from a space of gratitude will open doors.  You will be guided and the way will be clear for the next step you need to take.  As you feel gratitude for what you have and for what you are creating, allow yourself to trust.  That is the purpose of the step of releasing.  You are resonating on your ability to manifest all you desire.  You are filled with expectation.  You release the desire, KNOWING it will come back to you.  You trust that you have and are doing enough.  You are Loved.  You are being guided and supported!  Trust with all your being that you will receive what you asked for and MORE!   Trust and live each day as though what you have requested is already here.


Every time you spend money, no matter what you buy, thank it for the service it is providing to you. Bless it for all the things you get in exchange for money: food, electricity, water, a beautiful home, a car, fuel for your car, even the bills in your business that allow your business to grow and thrive.  Money is a source of energy that is used "in exchange" for things.  The more money you have, the more you can spend, so be grateful for all you spend as well!  


Every day, as you are doing the exercises, the meditations and visualizations, as you are resonating on the riches you desire, you are creating an abundance consciousness.  Adding gratitude to the energies you are already generating will enhance your desires and lift your expectations.  There is a real side bonus too. All of this work lifts your spirits.  You will be much happier.  You are consciously lifting your resonance to a higher state of being.  As a result, you are much richer - financially, emotionally and spiritually

"Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.” 

― Alphonse Karr

EXERCISE 21:   ImplementingGratitude 


Write in your ACTION & INTENTION JOURNAL answers to the following questions & exercises:


1.  Spend 15 minutes today and every day hereafter, writing a list of things you are thankful for in your life.  At first, it may seem like a feeble exercise and the list may seem short, but as you continue you will notice that you are turning your focus and attention toward finding things that you appreciate in your life.   Use your ACTION & INTENTIONAL JOURNAL to make your list every day!


2.  Choose a sum of money that you would like to receive in the next few weeks.  Make it a small sum that you believe you can reasonably manifest in a short time. Write the amount on a piece of paper or 3 x 5 card and set it somewhere where you will see it regularly throughout your day.  Place it on the refrigerator, on the bathroom mirror, on the TV or next to your bed.  Then several times a day, look at the goal you have written, imagine you have received the exact amount you have written and repeat the following words: 


"Thank you SO MUCH !  I am so excited to receive this money!  I am SO grateful!

I just KNEW I would receive it.  I am going to use it for _________.  Thank you!  Thank you!"


Do this at least five times a day.  If you find yourself feeling anxious or worried, just repeat the above phrase and any words that deeply express gratitude for receiving this gift. Focus on the feeling of gratitude and sense how grateful you will feel when the money does arrive.  After you do the exercise, go on with you day, releasing the goal until the next time you focus on what you've written on the card.  


3.  In this exercise, you will focus on something you already have that you deeply appreciate and feel grateful to have in your life.  Perhaps it is a special pet, a piece of jewelry, your home or car, a job you love or a good friend. 

Write this item down in your ACTION & INTENTION JOURNAL.  Throughout the day, think about how grateful you are to have this in your life. Think about how happy this person or thing makes you feel and repeat out loud the words:


"Thank you for blessing me with your presence in my life.

I am so grateful to have this.  

I feel blessed! Thank you!  Thank you!"


Do this several times a day, and you'll definitely feel some good things happening!

DAILY REMINDER:  Watch for the emails you will receive each day with meditations and visualizations - all designed to keep building your resonance.  Do whatever works for you to get totally immersed in your new identity as an extremely wealthy person.  And, remember to read your Desire Statement twice each day and then write in your 

ACTION AND INTENTION JOURNAL all the things that you did today.  Keep the resonance going.  Keep building it for 30 days. 

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