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Day 30:  Money is magic


30 days ago you began an exploration of your money values, thoughts and beliefs. You've probably learned a lot and should be on your way to a whole new level of money in your life.  The processes and techniques you learned and are using are there to use - not only for money - but for anything you want in your life.  But of all the things to manifest, money is one of the most illusory! Most often, it is merely numbers on a paper.  That paper can be a check, a bank statement, even an invoice and you can make those numbers grow and change with the power of your mind!  What's more magical than that!


As you know, you have a money consciousness based on beliefs you formed when you were a very young child.  As you also know, beliefs can be changed!   So, your beliefs around money can be changed as can the numbers on your bank statement!  You can literally alter the numbers on your bank statement, delete and eliminate bills and continually expand your personal wealth simply (or not so simply) by changing the beliefs you hold about what you deserve and what you can have.  In order to reach your goal that you wrote on Day 1 in your Statement of Desire, you must continue to alter and expand your beliefs, stretch your image, program your subconscious with acceptance of yourself as a wealthy person.  All of this, however, is done with one intention in mind:  to clear your thoughts and feelings so you can focus with consistency on what you desire.  You shouldn't expect to accomplish all of this in only 30 days, but, 30 days of refocusing and deliberate intention, can make a dent in your old programming. Your subconscious is starting to understand that you "really do want to change this" and your Money Consciousness is changing!


Any fears you may have around expanding your money relationship are based on old messages and conclusions.  Keep exploring!  Keep expanding!  Keep stretching!   This program is a little step in a big direction.  From here on in, you can continually step up to learn more and be more when it comes to money and the avenues you create to generate money.  Money is a mindset. Where were you 30 days ago and where will you be in six months - six years? 


You can transform your life by keeping your focus on lasting wealth.  When your goals begin to manifest, use your excitement to build momentum, to keep creating and continually expand.  Ideas and dreams you wrote about in the first few days of this course, can be more and more real.  As your wealth expands, you will develop and create more avenues for greater money flow. You will begin to work with and inspire others with your personal life changes. You will learn to work smarter and develop a strong mindset of abundance for all - knowing there is plenty for everyone;  You really can create your own charity, buy an island, even create your own hospital.  There are people already doing all these things. They are no different than you.  They just think differently!


Turn your life into a money machine!  A Magic Money Machine.  Create a method for generating your money consciousness and holding your focus.  If you want to create $1,000, focus on it.  Feel it and create it.  Then do it again with a larger sum. The richer you think and feel, the more you will attract. And when you’re operating from that place of gratitude, it creates a different experience. The more successful, wealthy, and grateful you become, the more momentum you gain. Other people become attracted to you and add to that wealth with more deals, more opportunities, and more experiences that lead down the path to great riches. Wealth truly does start in the mind and heart. Once you’ve locked that truth into your psychology, the financial freedom that was only a dream, can now become your reality!


Make sure you use this 30 days of practicing as a new foundation to keep going forward.  If not, then you will definitely go backward.  There truly is no other option. Eternal vigilance is the price of success.   You can completely change who you are in relationship to money and you can do it MAGICALLY!   These four steps are absolutely essential to manifest money magically,:


1.)  know you are powerful

2)   be courageous and daring enough to use your power

3)   focus to create a money resonance

4)   trust in your ability to create ALL you desire!


With this as a basis, you can construct an ideal lifestyle, an ideal home, ideal friends, and an ideal environment in which you live. You are not restricted in any way. All it takes is willingness and a desire to keep pursuing your goals. Thought is the most powerful thing in the universe. It has the power to magnetically draw on the infinite bank of prosperity!   Keep your goal sharp, definite and unwavering, focusing on what you want until you KNOW it is yours.


You are on your way to a whole new future and you will manifest what you envision.  All you have to do is remember that, if you are creating it the way it is now - you can create it the way you want it to be.  Keep your focus on what you want and where you are going!

Welcome to MONEY MAGIC

30 Days of manifesting money


My Money Journal

Click here to access Your Daily Money Journal

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” 
― Roald Dahl

"Just imagine what it would be like for you to be in such harmony with money that anytime you desired to receive money you could instantly manifest it?

A Magician's Life


There are multiple components to becoming a successful manifestor and you have all the keys in your hands.  True magic is the ability to "use extraordinary power or influence to produce exactly what you want - when you want it."   You have been manifesting things all of your life, but being a true magician means you can do this consciously - by choice.  Can you imagine desiring a check to come in the mail for $4000 and having it arrive the next day?  Can you imagine setting a goal for new clients and having it come to fruition within 7 days?  Can you imagine receiving a million dollars in income and manifesting it within a year?  If you answer "no" to any of these questions, then go back to the beginning and start this course over again. You have the link to every page and you can repeat this course as many times as you like.  Each of the things listed above are things that by now should be easy for you to do.  It starts with imagining!  It's maintained by expanding the imagining!  And, it ends by imagining!  Imagining what you want, then expanding the imagining to enhance and lift your resonance and then imagining that it is a done deal!  The more you do this, the more successful you will be.  And, the more you practice, the more adept you will be at creating all you want!   The ultimate is to consciously create what you want ALL of the time - and when you can do that - you are living a Magician's Life!


Congratulations for sticking with the program all these days.  It will be very exciting to see your successes expand and your life change as you become more and more magical in all you do!  Thank you for participating.  You officially graduate today!  Happy Millions!

EXERCISE 30:  Doing money magic 


Using your ACTION & INTENTION JOURNAL, write out the  following fun and interesting exercises.  Add them to your repertoire of magical techniques and see what happens.


1.  Magic manifesting List.  Write down two or more of your favorite recent manifesting successes, that is, things that you have already created that you feel really good about.  In the middle of the list, write something you want to create, but write in past tense as though it has already happened - (just like the others.)  What you are doing is tucking the new desire into a list of things that have already happened. Put the list some place where you will see it often.  Eventually, as you keep reading the list of what was and what will be, you won't be able to discern which is which.  You are creating an "already happened" energy around the thing you want.  As each item manifests, add new desires to the list.  Those new desires take on a “realness” imbued from the already manifested dreams and soon each will manifest!


2.  Creating Space.  You've heard the expression, "the universe abhors a vacuum."  In this exercise, you are going to do just that. On a sheet of paper or even a white board, create a drawing of 5-10 large boxes. Each box represents something you want to create. Let's say you want to create more clients.  Each square represents one new client. Also,  create a mantra that supports what you want to create, such as: "I am attracting more and more wonderful clients."  Put this chart some place where you can see it regularly and then start filling in each box as each goal is manifested.


3. Money Doubling Spell. Place a $20 or$50 bill in a white envelope, Lick, seal and fold the envelope.  Say once, every day for 7 days:  "Occult powers to me shall bring,  The way to double this sum.  Hear me, thou cherubim 

which sing,  Quickly, and softly come."


Hold the envelope up, and pretend that it has become heavier. Keep the envelope where you see it regularly. After you receive more money, open the envelope, and either spend, or deposit the money that was in the envelope.


4. Here's 8 fun things you can do to magically infuse money to increase:


1.  Bless your wallet, your checkbook and all your cash.

2.  If you lose money, imagine how happy someone will be when they find it!

3.  Smile every time you pay a bill or hand someone money!

4. Tip generously without frowning or doing heavy calculations. 

5. Sing a victory song as you pay your bills! 

6. Create and repeat affirmations each time you receive a bill, such as “The more I earn the more I can spend."

7. Put lots of cash in your wallet along with a magnet!

8. Make you banking and credit card passwords money oriented such as "$moneyin," "lotsof$$," or "Neverending$," or "I'mLoaded!"

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