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Welcome to MONEY MAGIC

30 Days of manifesting money


My Money Journal

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Leverage is uncovering what’s most important to a person to help them make the commitment to making a change. To ensure that change is lasting, the commitment has to be overwhelming. It has to overcome the forces of inertia that hold our old behaviors 

and beliefs in place."

          --- Tony Robbins 

"“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” 
― Nelson Mandela.

Day 26:  Fear Stand-off


Today is Day 26 - only 4 more days of this 30 day program.  A lot has been covered and yet, for many, nothing changes. You know if your motivation is weak.  You know if you actually are doing the work or not, but what if you are and things still seem stagnant?  This can be true of anything you want to manifest.  You set the intention, focus on manifesting it, release it to the Universe and then return to the same ol' same ol'. Why didn't your intention manifest as you desired?


The sole reason that something does not manifest as you intend is because your personal, vibrational frequency does not match the frequency of what it is you desire. Without often realizing it, there's actually a pattern in place that says NOT to manifest what you say you want.  We discussed this conflict on Day 14, addressing two parts that have opposing goals.  There is one that wants you to have great wealth, but another that says "no" - perhaps even saying "absolutely not."  It is clearly important to integrate these conflicting parts, but if you are still not manifesting what you desire, there is something more powerful operating underneath.  Sometimes, it may show as sabotage: You create money coming in and then create losing something of value or you create success and then end up being abandoned and punished by someone you love.  It's not the form that is important but, the pattern and the emotion that is holding the pattern in place.


There are many transformational leaders and teachers that promote change based on the principles of gaining pleasure or avoiding of pain. Everyone has developed strategies for getting out of pain and into pleasure.  These strategies are often not logical.   They are based on very old conclusions and beliefs. You are now in process of changing a very old pattern of beliefs around money.  What did you discover on Day 7 about your money pattern?  It is crucial that you understand this pattern and unravel it because it is the foundation of a matrix you have built and continue to live within.  As discussed previously, your money pattern covers more than just money.  It holds foundational beliefs about your ability to get what you want at any level.  Look at this definition of the word "earn":


1. To gain especially for the performance of service, labor, or work

2. To acquire or deserve as a result of effort or action:


Money, of course is the most obvious level of earning, but you also strive to earn respect, to earn success, to earn friendship, even to earn love. Everything you reach for and work to obtain, is affected by your foundational earning pattern.  If you aren't yet truly clear on your earning pattern go back to Day 6 and 7 and work with it some more.  Changing beliefs around earning is critically important to bringing about change in your finances, but also change in so many areas of your life. One way to understand the pattern is to look at your life and see how successful you are at getting what you want.  


  • Do you find that you work hard to get what you want, but nothing happens? 

  • Or, you work hard, slowly building success, and just as you start to make progress, it slides backwards unravelling all the success you created?

  • Or, you work and work, create the success you want and something comes out of nowhere to take it all away?


These are just some sample patterns that can also be painful realities. They can, however, begin to shift as you start taking them apart.  Yet, even if you are successful in dismantling the pattern, there is still one thing that can continue to sabotage all of your successful work and that is: fear.  Fear has been defined as many things, but we know it is an emotion that may or may not be based on fact.  If someone breaks into your house, it will frighten you, but you can just as easily be frightened just thinking about the possibility that someone will break in. It's the emotion that freezes you in your tracks and if you've suffered painful experiences (which of course, we all have),  you have a memory of pain, hurt and loss that are now intertwined with your beliefs about earning.  


Fear is a powerful emotion.  Following the pleasure-pain principle, which one do you think will win?  The idea of all the fun you can have with great riches is stimulating and exciting, but is it enough to overcome the fear that reaching your goal will create pain?  More than likely there are memories around reaching your goal that are frightening you because you have had prior experiences where you stretched and reached beyond the norm, only to crash and burn!  These memories are not insignificant.  You may have memories where you reached for a cookie and got slapped, but if you reached for a cookie and the whole house blew up in flames, you will probably never reach for a cookie again! 


There have been lots of events that have happened where you reached for what you wanted and failed.  The earning pattern is the foundation based on early conclusions you made from your inability to get what you sought from father.  On top of that, however, are additional experiences where you sought something and failed.  The failure was incredibly painful and, if you're like many, you piled judgments on top of the failure and then punished yourself. Now, the memories you have around reaching for what you want, particularly reaching far beyond what your normally allow, is filled with fear.  It's time to explore the fear and move beyond it!


First, it's important to identify the fear or fears that may be interfering with you achieving your goal.  An easy way to do that is to just close your eyes and imagine you have already manifested what you desire.  Imagine it is here, happening right now.  Make it as real as possible and notice how you feel?  Of course, there are feelings of excitement, but is there also anxiety?  Does it feel uncomfortable?  Does it frighten you?


Now, expand the result of having what you want.  If it is great wealth, imagine you have $100,000 or $500,000 or a million right now.  How will this money affect your life?  Will there be any major side effects?  Will achieving this goal affect your relationships?   Career?  Spirituality?  What fears come up?  Will people treat you differently?  Do you fear people will pretend to be your friend just because you are wealthy?  Do you fear that family and friends will hit you up for money?  Do you fear that you will be different, perhaps less kind or less loving?   Will this change ripple outward and create other changes in your life?


Sometimes, the impact of achieving what you want is frightening because you've so identified with who you are without it.  Does this change scare you because you won't know who you are any more?  It may even relate back to very old messages you received from significant people in your past that succeeding means you hurt someone else or make others angry.  Perhaps you know your closest friend resents people with money, so you fear if you are wealthy, you'll lose that important person from your life.   These are important fears to acknowledge and release. 


As you review the possibilities, tune in to the feelings that come up.  More than likely, you will notice there is something big down at the bottom - underlying all the excitement and potential - that is holding your back.  If you haven't been doing the exercises or putting a lot of energy into this course, perhaps this is the reason.  You fear it might work!


Obviously, what holds you back from creating everything you want, isn't the thing you are seeking, but is, rather, the fear that it may or may not cause.  In truth, you aren't really afraid of having a million dollars.  You are afraid of the repercussions or consequences that million dollars represents.  If, for example, you fear your friends will respond negatively to you if you suddenly become wealthy, it's not your friends that are holding you back.  What is holding you back is the fear of your friend's reaction.  Ironically, your friends probably don't even know about your intention to manifest a million dollars, but, the fear will block your intention just the same.  


In order to be successful at manifesting change - no matter what that goal may be - you need to be internally congruent with your goal.  Saying you want something isn't enough!  You have to line up all your inner parts so they are all in agreement with your goal!  One little fear is all it takes to keep your positive intentions from manifesting. Fear keeps you from becoming a vibrational match for your desires.  So, no matter how scary it may seem, you need to look it straight in the eye and find out what it wants and why!

 Click here for Releasing Fear Meditation

Moving beyond fear


Have you ever manifested something with ease?  For sure you have!  In fact, if you even have to think about it, that shows how effortless it was.  You already know when you want something, it manifests easily if you are 100% in favor of it.  So, in order to manifest what you desire, it is imperative to eliminate the fears that conflict with your intentions.  If there is no fear in the way, your intentions will manifest easily.  But, if there are any fears in the way, there is nothing that is going to allow those goals to come in and remain.  Either you will never manifest at all or, you will manifest only to watch it all be taken away!.


To eliminate fears, there are 4 steps:


(1) get clear on what fears are there & express them

(2) understand the "why" behind the fear

(3) eliminate the beliefs that hold the fear in place  

(4) process the fear out of existence.


Fear can often feel almost insurmountable to overcome, but that's only because it scares you!  In fact, any one of the above steps can totally eliminate a fear.  Sometimes just facing it and seeing what's there is enough.  If not, then understanding where it came from and why it shows up can be enough.  If not, then do step 3 and ultimately step 4.  If you have a really big fear that you always seem to have around money or around any goal you are attempting to achieve, more than likely, it so frightens you that you haven't even done step one.  If the fear is huge, do all four steps.


The exercises below are designed to help you move through the most challenging of fears.  Don't let your fear of facing your fear stop you because once the fear is moved out of the way, you WILL get what you want!  It's certainly worth it!


EXERCISE 26:  Moving through and beyond fear


Using your ACTION & INTENTION JOURNAL,  write out the following exercises or responses. 


STEP 1: Get clear on your fear.  This first exercise is the basis of any effort to process fear or, likewise, any constricting emotion that may hinder you achieving any goal, and that is, you need to know exactly what you are facing.  You need to express the fear.  An easy way to do this is to write and write and write.  You can use your ACTION & INTENTION JOURNAL or you can open your laptop or i-pad and just type - eyes open or closed.  It's not what you say that is as important and just saying it.  Start out by simply saying something like this:  


"I have to write out my fear even though I don't know what that is. I just know that it scares me. I want to

manifest money but when I think about it I can feel the tension in my body. Why does it scare me. I don't

know but maybe it's because as a kid I wasn't allowed to have what I wanted.  Maybe it's because ...."


Don't worry about what you write or how you write it, just let it flow.  Let the words come out no matter how silly or non-sensical they may seem.  You can read it later, but for purposes of the exercise, just let the fear speak and express itself in any way that comes out.


STEP 2:  Finding the "why."  Once you have given yourself permission to express the fear and all the thoughts and feelings behind it, you are ready for step 2, which is to figure out the "why" behind the fear.  Though the fear itself may not be logical, there will actually be a good and logical reason that created the fear in the first place.  If you were scared at the age of 3, for example, at the sound of a noisy airplane toilet, you may never be able to use an airplane toilet for the rest of your life.  As an adult, you think this is ridiculous, but that judgment doesn't change the fear that stops you from using an airplane bathroom.  Once you uncover the reason "why", you have empowered yourself with knowledge and now can make different choices or, at the very least, go about the work you need to do to eliminate that fear from your life.  Once you have identified the fear and expressed it as shown above, take the time to think about the "why".  When you have discovered the "why," you can forgive yourself for the fear and then change it.  Write what you discover in your ACTION & INTENTION JOURNAL.


STEP 3:  Eliminate the beliefs.  If you have completed both Steps 1 and 2 and are still feeling fear, then this next step is very important because it means there are beliefs (probably more than 1) that are still holding the fear in place. Using the same example above that airplane toilets are terrifying, you may also discover a belief that "being afraid is weak" or even a belief that "fears are difficult to elminate."  Such beliefs are going to undermine the work you've already done.  On Day 8, you were given a powerful technique for instantly changing beliefs, called "Changing Room" technique.  You may have your own process for eliminating unwanted beliefs so use what works for you.  Find what beliefs may be in the way of releasing the fear and do that too.


STEP 4:  Processing through the fear.  This last step is not a last resort, but one that will work best if you've already done the first 3 steps.  Processing means meditatively finding the root of the fear and changing it in the inner worlds. This is powerful for any fear of any kind.  Once again, using the example above of being afraid of airplane toilets, you can reexperience the initial event in meditation and change it there.  In meditation, go to the event when you were a child and perhaps flying for the first time in an airplane.  How old are you?  Two - maybe three years of age?  Get inside the mind and body of that little child and feel how the fear comes up.  Observe how those around you handle the situation. Do they ignore your fear?  Do they make fun of you then and for years thereafter?  As in any meditative process, follow these 7 steps:  


  1. go back in space and time to the initial event that caused the fear

  2. re-experience the event exactly as it happened

  3. feel all the feelings and thoughts that occurred at the time

  4. help this "you" (for example the child) release whatever feelings and thoughts they have.

  5. after they release the emotions, change the incident and give them the response they want

  6. come back to the present and test the result, imagining a present day event to see if you feel          

  7. differently than you did before. 

  8. forgive yourself by understanding "why" you have been reacting the way you have.

DAILY REMINDER:  Watch for the emails you will receive each day with meditations and visualizations - all designed to keep building your resonance.  Do whatever works for you to get totally immersed in your new identity as an extremely wealthy person.  And, remember to read your Desire Statement twice each day and then write in your ACTION AND INTENTION JOURNAL all the things that you did today.  Keep the resonance going.  Keep building it for all the days to follow. 

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