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Day 27: Holding the frequency


If you worked with the exercises yesterday, you should be on your way to manifesting more and more of what you want.  Fear in any form will freeze everything - especially if you are really afraid to have what you want.  But now, hopefully, you can get back on track to building your resonance again. Remember in that first week how exciting it was?  You set a Statement of Desire which was your long term goal.  That Statement is to be read every day - twice a day  - even after the course is long over.  This type of repetition is something you've been doing most of your life  - only, more likely, saying the things you don't want.  When you investigated your money mentor, you probably discovered they are consistently positive. It makes sense that they would have to be in order to generate the incredibly, over-the-top- success that they have created!  


We are always talking to ourselves - non-stop so it's time to take charge of that as well in order to accomplish your new, long-term goals for great wealth, but also for the immediate shifts you want to experience now.  If you are always worried about money, that's probably something you repeat over and over again.  To override these constrictions and fears, it's really important to keep repeating the new goals; to keep your focus steady on what it is you want. Remember, super successful people never let go of their goals. That is how they got where they are today!  Tom Cruise would still be a struggling actor with a mediocre side job if he had set anything less than super stardom as his goal.  The secret to mega-success isn't just desire, or talent or luck, it is sticking to a goal without ever letting it go.   Remember, you have to have a burning desire to have great wealth or whatever your ultimate goal may be. Combine that with the magical tools you have available and you can and will  succeed!  It takes discipline to override the old patterns and put new ones in place, not just for 30 days, but for the rest of your life!


Of course, along the way you will hit resistances. Things come up in the living of life that can veer you off course.  It's not possible to maintain a high resonance consistently every minute of the day, but the more you can make it your natural state, the better your life will be.  Even Bill Gates has bad days, but that doesn't mean he loses his status as a multi-billionaire.  It's not about being perfect, but creating a status quo of abundance that you maintain as your normal day-to-day living.  You know how to process and program, but if you truly have a burning desire to obtain your goal, you will get back on track as soon as possible.  Conscious manifesting comes about as the result of maintaining a resonance at the same level of what you want to create and keeping that resonance going for the rest of your life.  I guess you have to say, you just might have to continually be happy!  Not a bad way to live! 


So, let's get excited again about your goal.  You set a long term goal that maintains the big picture, but you should have also set a more realistic goal for the short term. The long term goal is what drives you. It is the catalyst that keeps you motivated.  Imagining living in your beautiful ocean front estate, or driving your dream car or traveling the world sharing your talents and skills is what reminds you to stick through the little bumps on the road. And, the shorter term goal is what excites you each day, especially as evidence of success starts to show itself.


In the first week, you were encouraged to focus on the big picture.  What is it you want?  What does it look like to be ultra-wealthy?  You've been visualizing a beautiful, multi-million dollar house because these kinds of images stimulate excitement and anticipation.  Don't forget these goals.  Even though fear may come up, process through the fear and get back to your visualizing.  Even if limiting beliefs show up in your reality, don't let them stop you.  You have some powerful tools to change beliefs.  If challenges are showing up in your reality, it is because you ARE getting closer to your goal and whatever is in the way, has to be removed!  Winners never quit - remember!


So, here we are on Day 27.  You should have quite a bit of intimate knowledge about your money pattern, about limiting beliefs, and about your self-image around money. You should be working to continually stretch your money image, continually expanding it, feeling grateful and you should be manifesting evidence of changes in your reality.  If not, find the fear or beliefs that stop you. Achieving your goal of great wealth is totally in your hands!  It is only a belief away!


As you are resonating on the excitement of being a multi-millionaire, also resonate on the closer, smaller goal which may be, for example, "$100,000 by December 1st."  If you maintain this resonance. it WILL manifest because that's the Law!  Your physical reality is a manifesting machine because every single thought and every single feeling will manifest, if you keep it going long enough. Look at your life!  It is constantly showing you what you are thinking and feeling!


With the excitement going again and with your goals in mind, there are several other things you can continue to do daily to keep on track and to train your mind and your subconscious to stay focused on the new future you will achieve. In particular, there are two things that can augment your drive to achieve and that is to (1) develop and expand your relationship with your Future Self and (2) develop a mantra that you can repeat no matter what might be happening in your external reality.  These two things are powerful tools to add to your daily work.


Future Self.


On the very first day of this course, you connected with a positive future where - at the end of your life - you are appreciating and evaluating all of the success you have achieved in your life.  A TV character on a recent television show responded to someone's comment of "in your dreams" with this statement:


 "Look at my life!  All of my dreams come true!"  


Can you make that your response too?  Your Future Self can!


Though your rich, abundant future may not seem real enough to you right now, your Future Self can be one of your most powerful tools. They have already achieved the success you set in motion only 27 days ago.  They may have screwed up, lost focus and fell down, but they also picked themselves up and kept motivated.  You do realize there isn't any great secret key to creating success, right?  It simply requires sticking to the program!  Those that hang in there and keep going - no matter how many times they may fall down - are the winners.  Tom Cruise never gave up.  He never quit.  Same is true of your money mentor and any other mega-successful person out there.  Check it out and you will see that the one thing they all have in common is they never quit! For some, it may take years.  Jim Carrey visualized a $10 million check and it took 10 years to manifest!  But - do you think he cares now that it took 10 years! He spent 10 years building a focus and consistency that is now a major part of who he is!  You can do it too!  Your Future Self has already traveled this road and can be your greatest cheerleader.  They know what it is to get discouraged, but they also know the rewards are worth it. Get to know this Future You.  Add them to your daily repertoire of Unseen Friends who can guide you when you hit a cross-roads or when a difficult decision needs to be made.  Because they've already experienced it, the choices are clear and easy for them.   They can be an elegant guide for you and your assured success!


Secondly, add in a daily mantra that you can repeat throughout your day. The great thing about a mantra is you can repeat it no matter what might be going wrong in your day.  You can repeat it when you are scared, angry, happy or sad. Although emotion is a powerful additive, your subconscious is always listening to you and to what you say inside your head.  Even if you feel like the world is caving in, you can still repeat: "I am loved.  I am a super success.  I always get what I want."  Let's say, for example, the check you needed to bail you out of debt doesn't come as planned. You are panicked and your mind starts racing about all the repercussions if that check does not arrive today.  Instead of telling yourself all the things that don't work and how you never  .   .   .   .  - repeat your mantra:  "I am loved. I am a super success. I always get what I want!"  Repeat it again and again and again -  even if your heart is pumping; even if your whole reality is trying to show you that you're wrong, repeat it anyhow.  Say it just before you fall asleep. Say it when you wake up in the morning and repeat it throughout your day.  Put it on post-its and stick it all over the house or office so you are constantly reminded. Make it such a normal, every day part of your thinking that it becomes habit.  Then, watch your reality change.  Again, it's not about how quickly the external world changes, but the consistency with which you are building your new reality - your new future.   Like any workout routine, you need to be consistent to build new "muscles" and to strengthen the old, weak ones.  Dedication + Consistency = results!

Welcome to MONEY MAGIC

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My Money Journal

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"Start seeing yourself as that character.

Then, start doing the behaviours of that 

character.  Spend time each day seeing 

yourself as that characterSubtle changes in the inner world can make a surprising difference in the outer world."

"Any seasoned writer will tell you that creating characters that are believable takes some work. Characters have to be constructed, bit by bit, until the whole, complex individual finally comes into view.."

Athletes are often our best examples of dedication and hard work because their goal is very clear and specific as are the steps to get there.  You may not be working to build big body muscles or to run a triathlon, but your goal is no less significant or less attainable.  In fact, your goal may be more difficult to accomplish because you don't have masses of people in agreement with you to achieve this goal.  In many instances, you may have people in your life who intentionally knock you down; who are jealous of your achievements or who make fun of your metaphysics.  Even so, there are things you can do daily - a daily mental workout - that can keep you focused and on your path to reach your goal.  Once you get moving in a positive direction, there is a momentum that can assist you.  If you continually look for evidence of your success - no matter how small - you will see that you are moving forward. The key to any successful endeavor is consistency and that takes mental effort.


The biggest factor in any success - no matter what the goal - is your mind. In fact, the only thing that is actually blocking you from amazing, outstanding success is your mindset.  That is why it is so critical to pay close attention to what you are thinking, what you are saying and what you are doing on a daily basis.  Your ACTION & INTENTION JOURNAL has a daily checklist on the first page to remind yourself to read your Statement of Desire, to do daily visualizations and meditations and to take what action is necessary to get closer to your goal.  Confer with your Higher Self. Get guidance and ideas from your Future Self.  Repeat your mantra.  


Create a workout routine that works for you.  Perhaps every night before you go to bed you visualize yourself driving your dream car or living in your dream house.  You can listen to a recording or you can visualize anything you want on your own.  You are already doing it all of the time!


In the exercises below, you can set up a mantra that works for you, develop rapport with your Future Self and set up a routine that is easy to follow; a routine that becomes your new, automatic habits on how you see yourself and your ability to earn, i.eget everything you want.


Though the television character described above may be fictional, there is no reason you can't make his statement one that is real for you:


"Look at my Life.  All my dreams come true!"

EXERCISE 27:   Holding and building a money frequency


1.  Dialogue with your Future Self.  This exercise can be done either with eyes open or closed.  You will be communicating directly with the Future YOU who has already achieved great wealth.  You can do this as a meditative exercise or simply write a letter to your Future Self.  In this letter, ask them to describe their current life to you.  Where are they living?  What kind of life are they leading and what did they do to get there?  If you are currently in debt, ask your Future Self to tell you what they did to get out of debt.  If you are unsure of your avenue for creating wealth, ask them what they are doing and how they made that decision.  You will be amazed at the amazing answers you can get to any question!


2.   Create a mantra that is a summary of what you want to create.  Some people prefer short simple phrases such as: "I am rich!"  but, because its often difficult to believe such a direct phrase, perhaps something a little longer may be more believable:  "Every day I am getting richer" or "Every day I am getting closer to my goal of great wealth."  Whatever you select, it should be something that just rings true.  Select something that feels good when you say it. When you say "I am rich", how does it make you feel?  If you find it is uncomfortable (because it is currently untrue) then change it to one that feels good.  When you say the words, "Every day I am receiving more money than the day before," for example, does it feel good when you close your eyes?  If so, then that's the one.  Also, realize when your subconscious really starts to get that this is what you want, it is also going to let you know if that phrase contradicts other messages and beliefs.  That's when resistances start to show up, but don't stop!  Clear the old erroneous message or belief out of the way and continue with your mantra.  You now definitely know it is working!


3.  Set up a Money Mental Workout.  If you wanted to lose 30 pounds by October or be able to run 25 miles without effort by January, you would probably join a gym or find a coach to guide you with a strict workout routine.  You can do the same for your money goal.  Set the target amount and the date:  "$100,000 by December 1st."  Then figure out what you need to do to get there.  For physical goals, you start with perhaps 30 minutes in the gym working your arms, your back, your chest, your legs.  Then you expand it to 40 minutes and then 60.  How many days a week do you do this?  Of course, it depends on your goal.  Perhaps running 25 miles by January only requires that you do a strict workout at the gym, 4 days a week, but if you needed to be ready by October you'd have to work 5 or 6 days a week. Set the same workout routine for your money goals.  Using your ACTION & INTENTION JOURNAL, write out the specifics of what you plan to do each day to reach your goal of "$100,000 by December 1st."  Perhaps you include reading your goal statement out loud twice a day; visualizing at least 10' a day of you holding the check for $100,000. Perhaps writing a letter to your subconscious once a week and meditating daily.  Set up a specific mental workout routine that you stick do every day until money starts showing up in your reality.  Even then don't stop, but perhaps alter it so you don't get bored and to reach whatever the next goal may be. 

DAILY REMINDER:  Watch for the emails you will receive each day with meditations and visualizations - all designed to keep building your resonance.  Do whatever works for you to get totally immersed in your new identity as an extremely wealthy person.  And, remember to read your Desire Statement twice each day and then write in your ACTION AND INTENTION JOURNAL all the things that you did today.  Keep the resonance going.  Keep building it for all the days to follow. 

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