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What is Destiny....  Some people call it life purpose, other's call it Great Work.  Do you know what your Great Work is?  Some say Destiny is something fixed that you can't do anything about, but Tamaara says it is an ever burning spark from the essence of self that we HAVE to express.  Understanding what your destiny is about can change everything.  With such knowledge, you can launch a dynamic new future.  With such knowledge, you can bring your talents as a groundbreaking author, healer, teacher, visionary out into the world. Opportunities can open up magically when you are in alignment with your true destiny.  Check out the following courses to explore and discover who you really are and how your destiny guides you to express it in often the most dynamic ways. 

Exploring Destiny:

Exploring Destiny
available for immediate download

Over 10 hours of amazing discussion and interactive Q & A's

6 powerful meditations                                                                               $97


Have you ever wondered what you're "supposed to do" with your life?  

Honestly, you're not alone.  People everywhere are feeling stuck in dissatisfying work, relationships, frustrated that they are not accomplishing their dreams - not doing what they love or really want to do. Others say they've discovered whay they are "supposed to do", but are still struggling to make it work.  Isn't it time you discover why you are here and learn how to take your personal magic out into the world?  


In this course you can discover how you've been hiding a thread of destiny all 

of your life.- how your wounding in adolescence is "an integral part of your destiny."  Gain amazing insight on how you've been resistant  to your destiny even though your thread of destiny has been playing out all of your life.  Click here for more information about this amazing course.

Excerpt from Exploring Destiny

Implementing Destiny:

Implementing Destiny:  Bringing Your Gifts Out Into the World

6 Weeks with Tamaara; 

Over 12 hours of enlightening discussions

6 empowering meditations - INCLUDING "Reawakening Your Spirit!"

Available for immediate download                                                                      $97


Though  many never truly discover what destiny is or, more particularly, what their personal destiny is, it's not because they don't have one.  We each have a destiny. In fact deep inside is a thread of destiny - a precious and beautiful thread of light -that has always been with there.  Often it gets lost, because we've spent most of our lives hiding it.  You learned how to hide this beautiful part of yourself in order to protect it until it became time to bring it to life. Well, that time is here. 


In this 6 week course, you have an opportunity to move beyond just discovering your destiny is about, but taking action and implementing it.  It's time!  Your Destiny is too huge to ignore.  You deserve to be living your Dream!  Click here for more information. 

Meditation:  "Re-awakening Your Spirit"
Available for immediate download
Approx. 30 minutes

Every once in a while there is a meditation that is so transformational that we have to share it just on it's own.  In the Implementing Destiny class, Tamaara discusses how sometimes the pain of life is so severe, that you break.  In fact, what really happens is your spirit breaks.  In some instances, the pain is so great that your Spirit dies.  What is your Spirit?  It is an important and integral part of who You are. Your Spirit is what fuels your ability to take action in the world.  It is the fire and light that fills you with life and sparks you to take action and when it is damaged, you are damaged.   When it breaks, you break and life becomes heavy and oh so difficult.


This meditation is called "Reawakening Spirit."   It is a powerful meditation in the Implementing Destiny course and available now as a single download.


If you have ever experienced the pain of loss and disappointment such that you've lost your joy for life and ability to do what you know you need to do, this meditation may just change you in a profound way.