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R e c o r d i n g

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Excerpt from Exploring Desinty Course

Testimonials on Exploring Destiny Course


"This course is life changing for me and I just paid to attend the upcoming forgiveness class to add to the beautiful tapestry being woven. I am filled with love and gratitude and thank you for following your destiny to create these amazing courses and sharing Tamaara whose love and wisdom is beyond words!"  Barbara J. - California


"I am so grateful for connecting with you. Tamaara spoke to me at just the right time regarding deep changes that I have been avoiding even considering for decades and am now ripe to do so. Wonderful ! Blessings." Ursula M. - Kyoto


"Knowing prior this Destiny course is going to lead to revelations, however I did not know that in 6 weeks my whole life time will run in front of my eyes, my heart and my child's eyes and better yet lifetimes -.and Everything will turn around.. I don't think it will be an exaggeration to name what I went through and others, and still am going through - Metamorphosis, a conscious directed metamorphosis. I know who I am , yes , there is so much more to it. But I can say proudly I know who I am!!! And Knowing and Working with Tamaara is a Sheer Joy!!! I am so Honored to be part of this!!"  Carolin F. - Israel


"I wasn’t very sure about signing up for this workshop. I wondered whether everyone had a destiny because quite frankly, I couldn’t see that I did. What I discovered has probably changed the course of my life forever. It has been like a door opening into a part of myself that in one way I didn’t even know existed and yet at the same time somehow always knew was there. Not only have I discovered the thread of my destiny and the unique way of expressing it that is my ‘genius,’ I’m even glimpsing through the trees, the possibility of fulfilling it. I have spent years wading through increasingly more complex mediations and it was a surprise and delight to me that Tamaara’s meditations were simple enough to remember but powerful enough to work. I’m so grateful. I know that I am changing rapidly and profoundly as a result of the work I have and continue to do with Tamaara."   Joy M. - Scotland

Exploring Destiny 

6 modules - 12 hours of discussion, Q & A's, & meditations

Available for immediate download                                                        $97


For a period of 6 weeks, a group of enlightened seekers embarked on a journey to explore their Destiny.  They had no idea of the WONDER and MAGIC that lay ahead as Tamaara guided them into a deep and rich understanding of Destiny. But not, just Destiny itself - their own personal Destiny.  The discoveries they made and the transformations that occurred were nothing short of miraculous!


As an enlightened human being, you know there is evidence everywhere of a changing world.  Some of this change is violent and frightening, but there is also a gentle and beautiful return of the Divine.   Perhaps you already sense your inner calling and know that humanity is at a turning point and that you have a unique role to play.  You are right!


But so many are still holding back.  Do you find any of these things are true for you?


  • There's a gap between knowing who you truly are and the reality of what you live and experience in your day-to-day life

  • You're still hiding your true gifts and talents

  • You long to express yourself fully and completely

  • You pulled to express your gifts and talents in ways that will make a difference

  • You don't know how to bring this into being?


Most of us think the reason we’ve been unable to bring forth our full potential and truly step forward in the world is because we haven't "fixed" ourselves enough or haven't overcome all obstacles to becoming our Destiny Self!  But such restlessness is evidence of your True Calling - something that can begin to show itself as you discover the "thread" of your Destiny. This thread is hiding within you - hiding in areas you thought were flaws and weaknesses.   As you can soon discover, you've been hiding and suppressing yourself as a way to protect the inner light of your True Destiny Self. You have a great opportunity before you now.  Come discover your true purpose.


The threads of your Destined Self have been hiding deep inside the pains and wounds of your past.  In this course, you can discover the essence of your Destiny Self - and both see and experience who you truly are and are destined to be.


This course is essential to find the diamond you have been hiding deep inside. It's time to unleash your true potential.  Allow yourself to be adeptly guided step-by-step to to unleash the power to change your life, realize your destiny, and transform the world!


Available NOW for download.                                                                           

Exploring Destiny with Tamaara

- downloadable -

Over 10 hours of amazing discussion and interactive Q & A's

6 powerful meditations