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Healing the Past


Every belief that you hold about yourself, about life and what you can have in your life, all originated in your past.  Try as you might, there is no way around it.  If you have pains, losses and traumas in your past, there is no way you can move forward just holding a positive attitude.  If you don't actively work to heal your past, your past will control you and limit your future.  But healing your past doesn't have to be horrendous or something you fear.  Of course, it takes courage to be honest with yourself and face the truth of what was, but as the axiom goes, "the truth will set you free."  And so it does.  The classes and recordings listed below are powerful and successful means to heal what was so that you can create and build what you want now and in your future. Check out the classes below:

Healing Inner Child & Adolescent:

Healing Your Inner Child & Adolescent - Once & for All!

Available for download.

3 - 2 hour modules:

Over 6 hours of discussion, Q & A's  and meditations

Cost:  $110


Whether you have ever worked with your inner child or not, it is something so important and when done right - so transformational, that Tamaara has repeated it again here.   This 3 week program is designed to heal both the child and adolescent that you were so that you don't need to keep going back to the drawing board.  It is so valuable and important to have a strong and healed relationship with these inner parts.  Often without even knowing it, sadness, fear, anger can be wrapped up in a past that you don't even know still has a hold. 


It's easy to think that struggles or difficulties in our present are because of other people or events, but, you also know, based on your prior experiences with Tamaara, that working with the child and adolescent is powerful!   Just imagine how you will feel after 3 weeks of really exploring both a child you and a teenage you and healing them once and for all! If you have ever experienced any trauma in your past, you can heal it now - in only 3 weeks!  That's pretty amazing!   Click here for more information about this course.


Self-forgiveness: The Ultimate Freedom

Available for download.

6 - 2 1/2 hour modules:

Over 13 hours of discussion, Q & A's  and meditations

Cost:  $232


The bottom line to living a really successful life is you have to love yourself 100%.  And to get there, you have to forgive yourself. Even if your spouse cheated on you or your friend betrayed you or your business partner cheated you, you will blame yourself first.  Ultimately, to be free you have to forgive yourself for even allowing those things to happen.  This 6 weeks program on Self-forgiveness is probably one of the most transformational courses of the year.  In this course, you can see your punishment pattern and discover where you learned it and how you started it.  But more importantly, you can bust it apart and ultimately forgive yourself.  It's an amazing freedom when those judgments you been holding on yourself are finally lifted.  It is something that everyone should experience.  


That opportunity is now available to you.  You can move out of the pain and struggle and get back on your path of love, success and happiness.  That's why it's called The Ultimate Freedom!    For more information on this program, click here. 

Moving Beyond Fear                                           Cost:  $223

6 modules - over 12 hours of discussions, Q & A's & meditations

Available for immediate download


Can you imagine what life will be like when you are free of fear?  Who will you be? How liberated will you feel and then what will you accomplish! 


These are scary times.   There is chaos in our world and in "the" world.  And if you have suffered any kind of trauma over the years, your reactive fear pattern can take on a life of its own.  But you don't have to be at its mercy any longer.  This amazing program can totally change your deep internal feelings about life and that the world is a "scary" place.  Imagine waking up in the morning and all your experience from that moment on,  is fun, success and ease. 


We each have a "matrix" of fear.  A matrix is an environment that nurtures and supports growth of whatever fits within it.  Your fear matrix is filled with memories of old experiences that continue to seed and grow into a matrix of fear that can too often be almost overwhelming.  You can, however, finally put it to an end.


Though there are a lot of changes going on in the world, you do not need to live in fear.  You can take charge of your life with renewed energy and courage and start to create amazing success! 


This course is an amazing opportunity to move beyond fear.   Then, after you've done that, enjoy the freedom and the fun!  For more information, click here.


Price:     $232






Forgiving Your Past, Embracing Your Future


Price: $232

6 weekly recordings; over 15 hours of discussions, live Q & A's and weekly meditations


There is something extraordinary that happens when you forgive and in this course, you can forgive it all.  For six weeks, we worked diligently with our past, remembering and forgiving and ultimately turning to the future.  When issues in the past are healed, we automatically turn toward the future.  The future is where all dreams reside, but more than that, it is where the manifestation of those dreams also resides.  When we connect with those powerful energies, we change in the present.  We become enthused, excited, motivated.  We start taking the action that we know is necessary to bring those dreams into being and we can do it without struggle or anxiety or fear.


In this amazing course, you can learn how to work with expectation, such a powerful energy for creating what you want.  You can see your past - your entire life - in a whole new light and begin to love and admire the person who overcame so many obstacles to become the amazing being you are today.


You will love this class!  It's not the same ol' releasing and healing, but truly is embracing the future that is there waiting for you to bring into reality!  For more information, click here.


Cost:  $232