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R e c o r d e d  E v e n t 

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Healing Your Inner Child & Adolescent - Once & For All!

Available for download.

3 modules: 6 hours of discussion and meditations



Working with the Inner child isn't new. Many of us learned all about the process years ago. Less common is the understanding that there is also an Inner adolescent - who's a lot more sophisticated, but can be just as disruptive. No matter how old you are, there is still a little boy or little girl inside, aching to be seen, loved and valued. And no matter how much work you may have already done, it can be quite surprising to discover that you have an inner child/adolescent that is still interfering in your life or creating havoc.


  • Do you ever find yourself saying something that you later regret and wonder
    why you said it?

  • Do you ever find you've done something so embarrassing that you wonder
    "who did that?"

  • Are you ever riddled with anxiety or gripped with fear with no logical reason

  • Do you find yourself repeating painful patterns that seem out of your

  • Do you ever "observe" yourself doing something while screaming inside not to
    do it?

 Healing Inner Child & Adolescent

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If you say "yes" to any of the above, then you can be assured there's a child or adolescent still interfering in your life. If you've never done work with your inner child and inner adolescent, there couldn't be a greater opportunity to really discover what an incredible healing occurs when you finally "rescue" them and give them what they want. But even if you've already "been there - done that" there's still so much to learn. Inner child and inner adolescent healing isn't a one time deal. They are a part of who you are and will always be a part of your life particularly when you are going through any big change or personal trauma.


It doesn't matter how great your parents may have been, we all have issues from childhood that need to be addressed in order to be truly whole. Our past is the training ground for everything we experience in life. Who better to guide us into the realms of this magical work than Tamaara - who proves herself again and again with amazing insights that take us to new depths and ultimately to new heights!


Buy now and download 6 hours of discussion and powerful, life altering meditations.