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Holding Hands with Your Higher Self


Holding Hands with Your Higher Self: Deepening the Love


Live Teleseminar with Tamaara; 

Ready for immediate download:

15 hours of recorded discussions, Q & A's and powerful meditations


Can you imagine what life would be like if you are loved all the time?  Have you ever met anyone who talks about how inspired they are every day, feeling they are destined to do something great?  Have you ever ached, longed or wished that you could feel that kind of love all of the time?  


You are already loved that much!  But, sometimes, its more about removing the beliefs and blocks to being loved.  We're often raised with so many limitations around love.  We are taught by parents - who don't really know any better themselves - that love is something you get when you are "good enough", or "perfect."  We often learn that if we make a mistake or do something we deem "bad" or "wrong" that love will be taken away... but, in fact, none of that is true.  We are already loved.  Now it is time to receive it; to develop the intimacy that is already available, but we have had difficulty believing or receiving. 


Don't miss this incredible opportunity to deepen the love that is already there!  


Price:     $57   

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