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G i f t   C e r t i f i c a t e s

Give the gift of Tamaara

                    Happy Holidays!


It's that time of year again - and what better gift can you give, than the gift of Tamaara! For those of you who have had the joy of working with Tamaara and the phenomenal results of her support and guidance, you know that a session with Tamaara is one of the best gifts you can give to someone you love and care about.   Take advantage of this Holiday season to give this gift to your friends and loved ones.  You can give them a private session or one of the many exciting classes from years past or coming up in 2015!


You will receive a beautiful Gift Certificate that you can either download or receive pre-printed in the mail that allows your friend or loved one to apply it to any of the following gifts:

Private Session with Tamaara  -  1 hr: $50                                        or 1 1/2 hr: $75*


Charting the Future - Monthly Discussion and Meditation  -  $14.50 ea.


End of Year Map for 2015 - $14.50  (recording only)


Money Magic: 30 Days of Manifesting Wealth - $14.50


Exploring Destiny - 12 hr recorded seminar  - $98.00**


Self-forgiveness: The Ultimate Freedom - 12 hr recorded seminar  -  $98.00**


Healing Your Inner Child & Adolescent - 6 hr recorded seminar  -  $55.00


Opening to the Love of God/Goddess/All That is - 12 hr recorded Seminar - $98.00


Implementing Your Destiny - 12 hr recorded seminar - $98.00


Opening to Abundance, Your Right to Have it All - 12 hr recorded seminar - $98.00


Bringing and Allowing More Love Into Your Life - 12 hr recorded seminar  - $98.00



Or give them the gift of attending LIVE any of the upcoming events:


"Moving Beyond Fear" - Jan. 31st - $98.00


"The Secrets to Happiness - 30 Days to a Wonderful Life" - Apr. 1st - $14.50


"Allowing More Love" Monthly Discussions & Meditations" - $14.50 ea.


"Forgiving Your Past, Embracing Your Future" - May 1st - $98.00


"Holding Hands with Your Higher Self, Deepening the Love" - Aug. 15th - $98.00


"Loving Yourself, Loving Your Life" - Oct. 9th - $98.00 (Live in Maui)


"Making Your Map for 2016" - Dec. 19th - $14.50



Or purchase gift certificates in any of the following denominations:  


   $50                         $100                         $150                        $200





























Private sessions are available at discounted rate (50% off) to all participants during any of the live webinars.


**Participants of the actual class, receive a 50% discount off the price for the downloadable product. 

Contact AskTamaara@gmail.com to receive your discount.

As always, we thank you for your wonderful support of our work withTamaara and wish you a most wonderful Holiday Season!


Happy Holidays!