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Welcome to MONEY MAGIC

30 Days of manifesting money

How Rich People Think:


Take a look at the list of beliefs listed below and circle or highlight the ones that apply to you.  Of course, you probably have beliefs on both sides of the chart, but, what's important is that you begin to acknowledge that the negative beliefs that you hold about money, about being rich and about people who have money are directly proportionate to the amount of money you have in your life.  They also affect the ease with which you allow and receive money.  You developed these beliefs over a long period of time, but they were also learned.  You can "un-learn" anything!  And, that's the goal.  Decide which beliefs you want to change and begin to change them now, just by choosing to think differently!



focus on saving. 

think about money in linear terms.

hard work creates wealth. 

money is the root of all evil

being rich is a privilege.

money is complicated. 

rich people are crooks.

building wealth is a solitary effort. 

worry about money. 

believe money is negative

rich people are shallow. 

the road to riches is paved with formal education. 

money is earned through labor

worry about running out of money.

think about spending.  

see money through the eyes of emotion.

underestimate the power of referral marketing. 

focus on pleasurable activities.

see money as a finite resource. 

earn money doing things they don’t like to do. 

rich people are ruthless. 

has a lottery mentality.

wait to be rescued from financial mediocrity.

believe rich people are smarter. 

see money as controlling. 

money changes people. 

work for money. 

believe you have to do something to get rich. 

play it safe with money. 

you have to have money to make money.

A job is the safest way to earn  

believe in financial scarcity. 

see money as a weapon. 

believe they aren’t worthy of great wealth. 

deny the importance of money.

money is their enemy. 

wait for their ship to come in. 

Financial markets are driven by logic and strategy.

believe money is about status. 

live beyond their means. 

equate money with stress. 

think small.

Believe people are out to get them.

thinking is unrelated to their net worth.

experience good fortune and can’t believe it. 

the more money you earn, the more stress you have 

the more money you make, the more problems you have

the rich are obsessed with money.

the rich are selfish and self-absorbed. 

dream of having enough money to retire.

believe it’s shrewd to be cynical. 

believe the rich should support the poor. 

see the wealthy as oppressors.

getting rich is outside their control.

the rich think they are more intelligent.

associate with anyone. 

embrace advanced degrees.

have loosely defined goals with flexible deadlines.

work as little as possible. 

love to be comfortable. 

are timid and scared. 

long for the good old days.

play not to lose

sets financial expectation low so aren't disappointed.

have a financial windfall and worry about losing it

are externally motivated to make money.

have a consciousness of lack  

believe money will make them happier 

believe people seek money for power. 

never make the connection between money and health. ambition is a sin

rich people are snobs.

rich people are arrogant

self-made millionaires have an unfair advantage..

base their beliefs about the rich on the  minority

believe they’re missing something. 

believe they lack desire.

you must choose between family and being rich.

believe having a job gives security. 

starting a business is risky.

it’s wrong for a small group to possess most of the money. 

wealth creates dysfunctional families.

money creates corruption. 

the rich are spiritually bankrupt. 

if you become wealthy, you’ll lose friends. 

you have to sacrifice your health to get rich. 

pass their limited beliefs about money to their kids

teach their children how to survive. 

teach their kids about money by example.

teach their kids how to save their pennies.  

encourage their kids to be nice and make friends. 

teach their kids to be happy with what they have

minimize the importance of money with their kids

teach their children the games of the masses. 

don’t believe in personal development or self help.

don’t connect travel with wealth

have access to the social skills of the masses.  

would rather be entertained than educated. 

rich people are workaholics.  

only focus on money when they need it



focus on earning.

think about money in non-linear terms.

leverage creates wealth.

Poverty is the root of all evil.

being rich is a right.

money is simple.

rich people are ambitious.

building wealth is a team effort.

dream about money.

believe money is positive.

rich people are strategic

the road to riches is paved with specific knowledge.

money is earned through thought.

think about how to make more money.

think about investing.

see money through the eyes of logic.

know referral marketing creates millionaires.

focus on money making activities.

see money as an infinite resource.

get rich doing what they love.

rich people are generous.

have an action mentality.

know no one is coming to the rescue.

believe rich people are more savvy.

see money as liberating.

money reveals people.

work for fulfillment

believe you have to be something to get rich

take calculated risks with money

believe in using other people’s money.

outstanding performance is the safest way to earn 

believe in financial abundance.

see money as a tool

believe they deserve to be rich.

know money is a critical component of life.

money is their friend.

build their own ship.

financial markets are driven by emotion and greed.

money is about freedom.

live below their means

equate money with peace of mind

think big.

believe the  universe conspires to help them.

thinking is the catalyst of all results.

experience good fortune & wonder what took so long

the more money you earn, the less stress you have.

the more money you have, the fewer problems you have

the rich are obsessed with success.

the rich are selfish and self-absorbed.

dream of having enough money to impact the world.

believe it’s shrewd to be optimistic.

believe in self-reliance.

see the wealthy as liberators 

getting rich is an inside job.

know intelligence has little to do with getting rich.

carefully monitor their associations.

embrace any form of education that makes more wealth

have highly defined goals with do or die deadlines

work as smart as possible.

are comfortable being uncomfortable.

are aggressive and bold.

dream of the future.

swing for the fences

set financial expectations high so they’re always excited.

have a windfall and figure out how to leverage it

internally motivated to make money.

have a consciousness of abundance

know that money has little to do with happiness.

believe people seek money for control

know money can save your life

ambition is a virtue.

rich people are guarding themselves

rich people are confident.

know their advantage is hard work

base their beliefs on the majority

know it’s beliefs that make the difference.

know we all have everything we need to be rich

you can have it all.

know there’s no such thing.

starting a business is the fastest road to wealth.

welcome the masses to join them.

unearned wealth creates dysfunctional families.

lack of money creates corruption.

the rich are among the most spiritual people in society.

being wealthy expands your network.

being rich will make you healthier.

pass their unlimited beliefs about money to their kids

teach their children how to get rich.

teach their kids about money by example. 

teaches their kids how to invest their pennies.

encourage their kids to be smart and build a network.

teaches their kids how to go for their dreams.

teach their kids the importance of money

teach their children the games of the wealthy

believe they’re the secret to getting rich.

know travel connects them with the wealthy.

have access to the social skills of the most refined would rather be educated than entertained.

knows millionaires have a ton of fun.

focus on money all the time.