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R e c o r d e d  E v e n t 

available for immediate download

Implementing Your Destiny: Bringing Your Gifts Out Into the World


6 Weeks with Tamaara; 

Over 12 hours of enlightening discussions

6 empowering meditations - INCLUDING "Reawakening Your Spirit!"

Available for immediate download   


Cost:  $97 


If you joined us last August - you discovered your Destiny Thread. You discovered that you came in with some extraordinary talents and gifts that you are destined to share with the world. You discovered that your Destiny Thread is actually a resonance that needs to be activated and - now - you can activate that resonance to bring your gifts out to a hungry world! But - even if you didn't particiapte last August - this class is a one of a kind opportunity to explore and ultimately start working with your Destiny. 


This workshop was one of the most exciting of the year. Imagine - not only discovering your unique Destiny, but now implementing it!  Discover more clearly what you came in to do - what is the thread of Light that you've been hiding and protecting for so long?  You will also have an opportunity to breathe LIFE back into your Spirit.  What happened in your past that broke your Spirit?  If that's the case, it's impossible to take action - you need the power and action of this masculine force. If you're Spirit got broker or even died along the way, it's imperative that you bring it back to life so you can DO what you came to DO!  The world is so ready for your love, wisdom and guidance but, more so, all your years of working, growing and changing are finally going to pay off.  You know enough!  And, more so - you ARE enough!


Come join Tamaara on another extaordinary adventure! 6 weeks of exploring, growing and loving.  


6 modules:  15 hours of discussion; 6 meditations;

                    6 Q & A's as Tamaara answers participants questions; 


Cost:  $97



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D e s t i n y

Implementing Your Destiny