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available for immediate download

Moving Beyond Fear

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Over 15 hours of amazing discussion and interactive Q & A's

6 powerful meditations

Moving Beyond Fear                                                  Cost:  $97

6 modules - over 15 hours of discussions, Q & A's & meditations  

Available for immediate download


Can you imagine what life will be like when each day is filled with anticipation of success and joy and fun?  Can you imagine what life will be like when you are free of fear?  Who will you be?
How liberated will you feel and then what will you accomplish!  It's time!!


The times we are in are scary times.  There is tremendous change happening in the world and in personal lives.  It easy to get caught up in the illusion of a world that reflects instability and chaos.  But the instability of these times calls upon us more than ever to hold the keel as we find ourselves moving faster and faster into the chaos that change always brings.  As Tamaara has said time and time again, it is no longer okay to hide in the shadows and remain silent whether that be opinions about the world in general or choices about what you will allow and create in your life. These turbulent times require that you step forward and make your mark; that you find your path so you can contribute to a positive world of change.  In order to do that, though, you have to face and move beyond your fears!


This course brought about an amazing breakthrough for all who participated.  In this course, you can discover your personal matrix of fear.  You can learn how to break it apart piece by piece by discovering:


*  your personal fear pattern

*  the trauma of your adolescent wounding

*  the impact of trauma and how it changes you

*  your personal coping mechanisms


And, ultimately, how to put fear back in its place where it can do solely what it was designed to do: warn and empower you when True danger is in your way!


Though these are unstable times, you do not need to shrink in fear - particularly when it comes to standing in your power and fulfilling a perhaps newly discovered Destiny! The battle between the empowered you and the broken, compensating you can finally come to an end.  How liberating to be free of a matrix that has been seeded in lifetimes past and built over decades!  


Can you move beyond Fear?  Absolutely you can.  This workshop is another powerful, enlightening experience, but more importantly, is how you feel when you are on the other side of fear!  It is time to fly - to soar - to be all that you can be.  It is time to move beyond the fear and Tamaara can show you how.   As she has done so many times, she will surprise you with her insights and soothe you with her understanding and wisdom.   Allow her to guide you into the root of your fear so you can bust it apart in a way that is liberating and life changing and fulfill what you are destined to do.  


Price:     $97

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