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From Cocoon to Butterfly

31 Days to Transformation

                 Here's a list of the beliefs that you will be programming for the next 31 days:


  1.  I am amazing

  2.  I am powerful

  3.  I am loved

  4.  I am confident

  5.  I accept myself

  6.  I am unique

  7.  I am abundant

  8.  I am blessed

  9.  I am a visionary

  10.  I trust myself

  11.  I am successful

  12.  I am resourceful

  13.  I am worthy

  14.  I am a winner

  15.  I love myself

  16.  I am courageous

  17.  I am happy

  18.  I am an inspiration

  19.  I am awake

  20.  I am enough

  21.  I am forgiven

  22.  I am authentic

  23.  I am magical

  24.  I am free

  25.  I am supported

  26.  I deserve

  27.  I am majestic

  28.  I am rich

  29.  I am brilliant

  30.  I am beautiful

  31.  I am triumphant


Please let us know if you have ideas for additional beliefs that are not on the list above and we will add them to the list!  Thank you so much for your interest in becoming the butterfuly you are destined to be!