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R e c o r d e d  E v e n t 

available for immediate download

Opening to the Love of God, Goddess, All That Is

6 Weeks with Tamaara; 

Over 12 hours of enlightening discussions

6 empowering meditations 

Available for immediate download   


Cost:  $97 


The Love of God, of Goddess, of All That Is is everywhere around us!  Like water to a fish, we fail to notice that we are surrounded by it - all of the time. For years, we've worked on healing and gaining wisdom - all designed to heal our past and ultimately allow us to receive the Bounty that life has to offer. Now, it's time.


We don't need to prepare anymore.  We don't need to heal anymore.  We only need to open to Divine love.  When we truly open to this love - all we have to do is allow.  For six weeks, Tamaara guided us into this beautiful realm of the Divine.  We shifted our self-image, even received a new one designed by Her and it changed each of us in the most profound ways. What we discovered is beyond words.  

Opening to the Love of God, Goddess, All That Is

Truly opening to this love is a magical gift. For when we truly open to receive Divine love and allow it to change us, our lives can reflect a magic we've always dreamed about. As Tamaara has reminded us, it is only our denial of this love that creates hardship and struggle in our lives.   


We've all spent years, even decades, healing, growing and changing to become the most we can be. But what will life be like when we truly open to receive the love of God/Goddess/All That Is - that Divine love that can change everything....


  • dreams can manifest with just the energy of focus

  • desires and goals expand with ease

  • struggle becomes a long, past memory

  • your relationship with the Unseen expands magically

  • answers and solutions arrive without effort

  • your life becomes magical, And,

  • you KNOW you are loved!


     We often think we have to fix ourselves first - we have to reach a level of ease and near perfection before we can allow the ultimate love of All That Is - but, just the opposite is true. When we allow ourselves to open to Divine Love - everything can be different. In fact, we will each be different. When we are loved, life works! In fact, when we open to the love of God and Goddess - of All That Is, live works magically.


     In this 6 week course, Tamaara not only reminds us that we are loved, but assists us to open ourselves to receive an amazing, life changing love. We don't need to continue to process and program. We only need to allow ourselves to be loved. It is everywhere around us - in the wind, in the moon, in the air, earth and waters. It is everywhere. With all the work that you may have done and the incredible healings that you have allowed and received, there is one piece left that no one should miss and that is opening to the Love of God/Goddess/All That Is. This Divine Love is not only life altering, but changes you in rich and profound ways that reflect instantly in the world around you. This is the love that you have always been seeking that opens you to greater success, happiness and abundance than you ever imagined.


     Join this wonderful exploration as Tamaara guides us beyond what we know into a realm too beautiful to describe. Come join us on another extraordinary adventure exploring the magic of allowing, receiving and ultimately of being loved. And then moving beyond the exploration, to the experience of what life is like when you are truly and completely loved!


     Available for immediate download.


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