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Abundance is a broad term. It encompasses bounty on many levels: abundance of love, of happiness, of money, of success. Overall we know that abundance essentially engenders the idea of overflow and bounty. Tamaara addresses this idea of overflowing bounty again and again - ultimately letting us know it is not only okay to want more, but is essential.  It is the essence of who we are as growing expanding human beings.   Check out the recorded events below that address abundance on these many levels. 

Opening to Abundance: Your Right to Have It All!

6 week online webinar - available for immediate download

6 modules - over 12 hours of material

including 6 powerful meditations                                                                                            $97


Abundance is more than a thing - its a relationship you've been working on for years. But like so many things, it can get pushed to the background as other problems and issues catch your attention. But Tamaara keeps leading us further and deeper as we claim more and more of our true selves. Its time to open to abundance across the board. Can we really have it all?  Of course we can and we're on our way. We've ended self-punishment, healed our inner child and opened to Divine Love even discovered our Destiny.  Now, anything is possible!


Join us for 6 amazing weeks of expanding all boundaries to open to a richness in all things. Bountiful success, rich, deep profound love, joy and happiness. Financial prosperity.  It's time! Time to open our hearts and minds and manifest all we desire.









30 Days of Money Magic

A 30 day continuous program of daily emails

with instructions, exercises,  & meditations

Includes FREE downloadable 1 hr webinar                                                                $39.95


How do you feel about spending the next 30 days totally focused on increasing your in-flow of money?   Not just thinking about it, but really focusing on it - using both magical and practical tools of manifestation to increase the amount of money in your life?  You may already know that money is a resonance and that any lack is because of your own limiting beliefs.  The challenge is always - how do you change it?  And that is exactly what you are going to explore with this amazing, interactive program.


Each day for 30 days, you will receive daily emails with visualizations, meditations and daily exercises to expand your self-image and build a resonance of wealth.  Can you imagine where you will be in 30 days, if you've been focusing all your energy and attention on accomplishing your money goals?  (For more info, click here.)







Busting Your Money Matrix

6 week online webinar - available for immediate download

6 modules - over 12 hours of material

including 6 powerful meditations                                                                                            $97


This class was one of the highlights of the year.  All of the questions you've ever had about havinng, holding and making money can finally be answered.  We each have a money matrix - an environment within which we live and through which we view and experience life.  A money matrix is the place where the deeply planted seeds of our beliefs about wealth and money root and grow.   LIke thick vines of ivy, they wrap around us and all of our reality, entangliing everything we do and everything we attempt to do.  If your money matrix is an environment of limitation, your entire reality will reflect that limitation.  Likewise, if your money matrix is fluid and open, your reality will reflect that as well.  Thus, busting and rebuilding your money matrix is of critical importance if you want to change your experience of life with great abundance and freedom.


In these six weeks, you will learn about your personal money matrix and the beliefs you have seeded and harbored that can now be changed.  Learn how to detangle these twisted beliefs allowing yourself to plant new seeds so you can build an entirely new matrix that supports the freedom that great abundance truly offers. 


Opening to Abundance:  Your Right to Have It All

Money Magic: