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T e s t i m o n i a l s


   "Thank you so much. This was such a wondrous meeting , the understandings, the insights of Tamaara are so helpful and encouraging. She saw so much that helped me realize what I experience is right and true. My Gratitude. I was very anxious, but it is so easy to talk to Tamaara, I truly feel her friendship and her love." 

                               Carolin F. , Yaakov, Israel



     "The experience was beyond words. So much information. Tamaara explained to me much about the Enneagram and how I was mistaken in what I thought for many years was my personality type. Tamaara then took me to a future where I am the giant that I truly am. No words. Again thank you." 

                                 Maere F., New Jersey 



     "As always, my session with Tamaara was amazing. Her insights just blow my mind. I have such a good understanding now and know exactly what to do to create the success I want with my new business. Thanks so much for making Tamaara available."

                                  Nancy T.,  San Francisco



    "Tamaara  has been a very important part of my life this year and I hope that might even be better in the year ahead.  Thanks from the bottom of my Heart filled with GRATITUDE.
                                       Nicole W.,  Florida

"I want to thank you again for the great session. Tamaara's love is tangible and her guidance infallible. I am thrilled with another great session. Thank you so much! "

                                  Donald B.,  Austin TX



     "For years I have had severe paranoia that has nearly crippled me from living a normal life. In one session, she helped me clear out my fear of going out in public places. It has been more than 6 months and I am still doing great. My boyfriend barely recognizes me. We are both so grateful. Thank you again!

                                   Ingrid. Amsterdam



     I would like everyone to know that I had a series of sessions with Tamaara when there was a family tragedy and her help was the key to my healing. Tamaara is a brilliant, kind, loving person and wise wise wise. Please book yourself a session with this gifted healer. You will be very thankful.

                                  Carole  W.,  Westlake Village CA



     "This was sooo comforting and helpful ..So many dots connected within me out of Tamaara's words and BETWEEN the words. So grateful to Tamaara and her Friendship .. Such a Blessing.. Such fun and comfort knowing she is with me , as much as doubting and forgetting , again and again Tamaara shows up and I know She is with me each step of the way Even when I don't sense it."

                                    Carolyn H., Scotland



      "Tamaara has been a profound and loving presence and guide in my life for over 13 years. Her wisdom and insights have consistently lifted and moved me to new heights. For anyone who needs to receive help and resolution for any area of their life, from personal relationships with partner, this is a powerful and valuable guide and I highly recommend her to you to consider when looking for solutions and changes. A true gift."

                                    Valerie Y., Ontaria, Canada



     "I'm looking forward to reaching for my destiny at a deeper and richer level. How exciting, as I can see and feel this new adventure beginning. I am so grateful that we came together again in Iceland and that has propelled us forward to be sharing this experience. Tamaara's insight and love is wonderful and nearly each time we talk I am brought to tears with her beauty. Thank You."

                                     Michael W. , Tahoe,  Cal.



     "I want to thank you so much for my reading. Tamaara revealed to me things that no one has revealed to me and took me through a meditation that was so liberating. I truly am grateful. I was telling my daughter about my experience and now she wants a reading. Thank you once again."

                                     Suzanne H., Florida



     "There were times when Tamaara spoke to me and I had my head on the desk in sheer mortification and yet the words were spoken with such love and acceptance that I wanted to take action immediately. The more that we work together, the more that unfolds – I’m so grateful. I know that I am changing rapidly and profoundly as a result of the work I have and continue to do with Tamaara.

                                      Joy M., Scotland 



     "Oh my gosh I had such a GREAT session this morning with Tamaara! Thank you!!!!"

                                      Nicky Miami, FL



      "I just relistened to this morning's session with Tamaara, now in the evening - whew ! A lot to let settle. I got a bit stirred up, tho laughter was released too with big release and the freeing that came with that. It was a very useful session. I like Tamaara a lot, too, she is patient and very practical - 'down to earth' (smile)." 

                                     Ursula M.,  Kyoto, Japan



     "I just want to thank you for my session. It was quite amazing - particularly how Tamaara seems to know me on an intimate level.  Amazing the things she seemed to know about me and we've never met!   I got a lot out of my session."

                                    Larry P.,  Colorado



     "I am so excited for this seminar. I know with out a doubt this will be extraordinary! I am so grateful to Barbara for the gift certificate, and for making it possible for me to meet Tamaara. Thank you."

                                    Teri C., Healdsburg,i California



     "I had a reading from Tamaara in June and it changed my life. I decided to give that gift of healing to my children. While I can not change the past, I can certainly help heal it. Thank you for providing that avenue for me and my family. Many Blessings,"

                                    Holly P.,  Colorado



     "Thank you for the session I had with Tamaara. I am still smiling - it was so wonderful. You are right when you say that you feel like she knows you at a deep level. She knew things about me that I have never told anyone. It was enlightening and life changing."

                                    Kyle P., Chicago, Illinois



      "Thank you so much for the wonderful year of growth and healing that I experienced. It was a delight to get to know you and to be able work at such an insightful degree. Tamaara has such a wonderful way of reaching in and working with those parts of us that have hidden and are in of need of healing. I imagine this upcoming class will be extraordinary in it's depth and insight. I look forward to another year of growth with Tamaara. And I'm so grateful for you and your commitment."

                                                Nicole W., Miami, Florida​​​​​​​​​​



     "I want to thank you for my private session, and for the Charting the Future event.  I'm enjoying this new adventure (s). You're right :) I really enjoyed my time with Tamaara :))) and I was also happy to participate in the C-T-Future event.  It was nice to listen to you and the others share, and the meditation was wonderful. I've been to many workshops, so I felt fairly comfortable and curious.  I enjoyed the more intimate set and setting.  I was able to download both events.  I'd like to participate in more."

                                                Alice A., British Columbia,  Canada