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Welcome to MONEY MAGIC

30 Days of manifesting money

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We tend to make affirmations unconsciously, and since our words become reality, our affirmations have the power to create great changes in our life.


  • I am grateful for the wealth I receive and am receiving

  • I am a multi-millionaire worth $_____________

  • Everything I want comes to me in abundance

  • I am overflowing with wealth and riches

  • Money comes to me easily and effortlessly

  • Everything I do is successful

  • I am grateful for the continuouse abundance in my life

  • I have a golden touch. Everything I touch turns to gold

  • Every day I become more and more wealthy

  • Wealth is pouring into my life daily

  • My great wealth gives me peace, happiness and joy

  • I am blessed with all the abundance and wealth in abundance

  • I am always seeing opportunities to make more money

  • Money comes to me from multiple resources all of the time

  • I always have more than enough of everything

  • I am incredibly rich!

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