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R e c o r d e d  E v e n t

Available for immediate download

Forgiving Your Past, Embracing Your Future


Forgiving Your Past, Embracing Your Future      

6 Weeks with Tamaara; 

Over 15 hours of enlightening discussions

6 empowering meditations and Q& A sessions

Available for immediate download   


Cost:  $97 

We are often told to let go of the past.  We are often told we need to forgive, but what is it we are supposed to forgive and how do we do that?  Is forgiveness, simply saying it is so?  Is it a ritual?  Is it acts of contrition?  Perhaps it is all of these or whatever it takes to truly forgive. Tamaara has often said that we can't forgive until we release the angers and hurts that hold it in place.  Forgiveness can come about through understanding and discovering why.


In this life changing course, Tamaara helps us work to not only forgive and release the past, but to design, create and embrace the future!  The future is powerful.  It holds magnetic energies that not only influence us, but can pull us forward into the future we desire.   The more we focus on the future, the more successful we can be and releasing past hurts, pains and angers releases the tethers that prevent us from really flying into the future of our design.


Join us for 6 exciting weeks of healing, releasing, stretching and expanding.  With each release, we can reach and stretch further.  It is exciting to know this and to release each of the tethers that have been holding us back!  It is time to fly, courageously, spontaneously and in a direction of choice.  This can be the true liberating factor that makes a difference between the limited you with a future of mediocrity and the extraordinary you with a future of magic and miracles!  Allow yourself to see who you truly are from outside yourself - someone who has overcome great odds and obstacles to become the amazing being you are today!  You are a winner and your past is just a story - an old story that you can now see with a new perspective.  When you do, the future becomes vibrant, alive and alluring.  You wake up in the morning excited to start your day - anticipating "what's next!"


Join this amazing journey.  You will be so glad you did!



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