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F r o m  c o c o o n  t o  b u t t e r f l y . . . .

31 Days to Transformation


Come join us for 31 days, as Tamaara guides us to transform into our very best selves.  Every day for 31 days, Tamaara will help us reprogram our subconscious and transform our image with deep meditative experiences, daily exercises and daily affirmations.  Every day, you will receive an mp3 recording with a new  positive "program" to install deep in your subconscious. Then all day you look for evidence of this positive belief in your day-to-day life while reaffirming it through both your inner and outer self-talk. Can you  imagine how different you can be when every day you are reminding yourself of who you truly are and reaffirming the most positive                            beliefs about yourself and your life?                      Who will you be after 31 days?


What better way to reprogram your subconscious than through the repetition of positive thoughts!   Each day you will be given a positive thought about yourself, such as "I am amazing" or "i am powerful" and consciously choose to repeat that thought and the associated affirmations for the rest of the day.   The goal is to habituate a new way of thinking and being in alignment with these positive beliefs.  In this program, you will be creating new neuronal pathways based on self-worth, self-confidence and self-love and more.  Click here to see a list of the new beliefs that we will be programming.


When:      Starting NOW                                                                                                 


Where:     Fill out the attached registration form to receive your daily emails:          


How:        Just listen to the meditation and follow the daily instructions


Cost:         $9.95 - s p r e a d   t h e   w o r d !



This is an opportunity for everyone to begin to resonate in a new self who carries self-loving and positive beliefs about themselves and about others.  What better way to change the world than by each of us - one by one - operating from a constant place of positive resonance!

Reprogramming your subconscious:


Everyone knows how powerful the subconscious is.  It follows deep seeded beliefs that we established decades ago and operates on these beliefs continuously.  But, the subconscious is also listening to our every thought and taking in every feeling that registers every day.  Things such as "I'm so stupid!", "life is hard," "I don't deserve"  or "I'll never get what I want" are easy things to say even though we know better.  Often we say these things without even realizing it.  It's a habit that has become automatic.   But, unfortunately, each time we repeat such negative thoughts, the subconscious takes it as a confirmation that the underlying beliefs are accurate and should remain intact.  Even though we may be consciously working in all kinds of ways to alter old patterns, they remain active unless we really pay attention and consciously change what we say, think and feel.


Embracing a new image:


We also know that our personal image - how we see ourselves -  is directly connected to our subconscious programming.  If someone holds an image that they are unloveable, all the work in the world won't make a difference because the experiences will remain in alignment with that same image.  Image, once again, reflects what we say, what we think and what we feel.


Developing new habits


Neuro-scientists (those who study the brain) know that habits create active electronic pathways in the brain that, once established, are the path of least resistance making that habit easier to do than anything else.  These same scientists also know that the way to create new neuronal pathways is through repetition.  Every habit - both good and bad - has developed because the same behavior has been repeated multiple times.  So to create a new habit and to undo an old one, the new behavior has to be repeated often enough to establish the new neuronal pathway as the old one fades away.

Click here to experience a sample:                                                                                                                                                           

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