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R e c o r d e d  E v e n t

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Self-forgiveness:  The Ultimate Freedom

6 Weeks with Tamaara; 

Over 12 hours of enlightening discussions

6 empowering meditations 

Interactive Q & A's

Available for immediate download   


Cost:  $97 

We all know the importance of forgiveness. It's been pounded into our heads since we were little kids. At home - at Sunday school - even with our friends and peers. We're just supposed to forgive and move on. Even though we've been led our entire lives to forgive (and often to forget) why is it so difficult to do? You may have forgiven that spouse for hurting you, your mother for betraying you and your children for deceiving you, but have you forgiven yourself for still struggling with money or health or love? These are painful issues and often to assuage the pain, we judge ourselves - despite the fact that we know that judgments hurt and, ultimately, heal nothing!  


We have all taken seminars on forgiveness. We've done meditation after meditation and numerous techniques, but if you aren't absolutely SOARING, you can be sure that lack of forgiveness is still lurking in the shadows.


  • Do you ever hear yourself saying "Why bother?" because you know every
    time you stand up, you just get knocked down again?

  • Do you find yourself scared to show your true self and true talents for
    fear you'll be rejected or humiliated?

  • Are you still struggling with money? With relationships? With success?

  • Are you still hiding your true talents and skills for fear it won't be received?

  • Do you still find there are punishing, angry people causing pain in your life?

  • Are you doing work that you don't enjoy - dreading the start of every new work day?

  • Are you afraid to be happy, because whenever you are, something takes
    it all away?

  • Do you have events in your past - disagreements, illness, betrayals that
    still make you cringe when you think about them?


It's time to be done with the pain and struggle in life. You've done so much work on yourself! You are a seeker and been working for years on becoming more than just a good person - but an enlightened one. Are you showing your true light to everyone or are are you still hiding? It is frustrating to know so much, to care so much and still be creating pain, disappointment and struggle. But you are not alone.


There are so many in this same boat. It is all locked up in our judgments of past mistakes. Even though we may have forgiven others, it is those judgments of self that lock us up and keep us limited, restricted and living less than a glorious life.


Come join us on another rich, poignant search into this enigma of forgiveness:


  • Discover what's still lurking in your past that keeps you from truly
    receiving all that is available in life

  • Free yourself from judgments of past mistakes, hurts and pains so you are FREE to be truly happy and successful

  • Forgiveness allows us to open to receive the bounty of all that life has to offer

  • And, ultimately, forgiveness can open you to truly allow yourself to be loved.

  • Struggles can end & you can do the Great Work you are destined- to do!


Join us for another glorious 6-Weeks with Tamaara as she guides us deeper and deeper into our True Selves. Self-forgiveness: The Ultimate Freedom. It is time to truly free ourselves from the past - to love and forgive ourselves. As so many have experienced, Tamaara will adeptly guide us step-by-step to discover what remnants from our past need to finally be healed and released so we can Truly SOAR!


12 hours of discussions. 6 powerful meditations. Don't miss this "life-changing" class!.

I forgive myself ....  

Testimonials On Self-Forgiveness Course


"I'm so blown away by Tamaara's gentle presentation of forgiveness. It's so amazing because I feel like I've been catapulted through dark veils into the light with a deep understanding and tenderness for my child, adolescent and adult me. Thank you both so much!!

        Love, Barbara


"There are no words to express the gratitude but I am going to try anyway. Thank you so much to be willing to shine and share your genius of your gifts. This has been a "hell" of a course.(s) Am so happy to be part of it, happy is an understatement - who knows how long it would take me to get into this state and place without Tamaara and yourself. Maybe more decades or God forbid another lifetime. I have actually felt today a brain change in the meditation, like new neuronal pathways are in the making. and all this is done Consciously ..wow,..wow ..out of lack of words , I will say it again WOW...Thank you, And thank you for all the gifts you are giving!!"

        Much Love, Carolin


"I can hardly believe all that came out of it. Over the years I've read reviews about 'life changing' seminars, workshops etc and I've always been a bit doubtful. Like, well, maybe for other people but not for me. This really is life-changing and nothing is ever going to be the same for me again..... Something I've been looking for outside myself all my life. It hardly seems possible this is me talking. Thank you both again so much."

        Love,  Joy 

Self-forgiveness: The Ultimate Freedom

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