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Available for immediate download


Busting Your Money Matrix: Moving to Real Abundance

Cost:  $97

6 modules - over 12 hours of discussions, Q & A's & meditations

Available for immediate download


What's a money matrix?  That's a really good question and in six of weeks you are going to find out.  At the end of the Moving Beyond Fear class, someone asked about dealing with their fear around not having enough money and what Tamaara said really surprised us!  She said that we can bust our money matrix in the same way that we learned to bust our fear matrix.  For those of us participating in the Moving Beyond Fear class, that was a delightful surprise and the next thing you know, everyone was talking about a new workshop on this very subject.  So ---- here we are!


In this class, you will be delving into this exciting subject.  It's exciting to think that you really can bust out of a matrix that you've built over decades and decades of restriction and limitation around money.   As Tamaara has previously explained, a matrix is twisted and complex.  It is an environment of twisted, convoluted beliefs out of which we create a reality that continuously reproduces itself.   Tamaara has explained that a matrix is massive and feels incredibly real.  It becomes such a part of us that we can't see beyond it.  That's why it's so important to dismantle it. And you can and WILL do that - piece by piece.


For 6 expansive and glorious weeks, you can discover the constricting beliefs at the base of your struggle for monetary success. These are the twisted and distorted beliefs you have been holding since you were a little kid that results in goals for abundance being filled with struggle, fear and hardship.  Have you ever experienced any of these things:

Busting Your Money Matrix


There are very few people who don't have issues around money.  Even those who are wealthy may still experience struggle, pain and loss in making money or in keeping it.  But it doesn't have to be that way!  Not any more.  And, not for us!  Tamaara refers to it as a matrix because it is complex.  The beliefs we hold around money are twisted and turned and often disguised and confusing.  Often we just feel trapped and are given all kinds of platitudes about how we should be satisfied with what we have. (And that it could be a lot worse.)   But the platitudes don't help., do they?  It hurts to struggle.  It hurts to be humiliated because you can't pay your bills or to have to always say "no" to great opportuities for fun and happiness.


Tamaara has a knack for taking us into new explorations on old subjects - and - in the end, we change!  The topic of money is old and well worn.   It's time to put an end to the struggle, once and for all, and MOVE TO ABUNDANCE!  


Cost:       $232