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30 days to a wonderful life . . . 

The Secrets to


FREE Webinar - Mar 28th 9 am PST / 12 pm EST

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WITH Tamaara

Everyone experiences happiness in their lives.  Like yearning itself, happiness becomes its own quest. It is an extraordinary feeling that we all want to have, and, more so, that we want to hold. Certainly, there are times in our lives when we feel exhilarated, even joyful, but, as great as those feelings are, such feelings are fleeting. Happiness, on the other hand, is a steady feeling of contentment and overall satisfaction.  It is a feeling we want to hold continually as we grow, expand and create success.


For the next 30 days we will be exploring this ubiquitous, intangible energy of happiness. For 30 days, you will have an opportunity to move beyond your limitations to not only reach for happiness but to grab ahold of it and bring it into your life to root, grow and expand.    Your life can be all that you want it to be.  It has always been in your hands but, hurts, pains and losses of the past often make it feel out of reach.  This program can be a great adventure - as great as you are willing it to be.  

It is an opportunity to dedicate yourself with full commitment to creating continuous happiness in your life -- not just for a few fleeting moments - not for a few days or weeks - but for a lifetime. Isn't that the true meaning of happiness, finding it and holding it so you automatically are prompted to say, "My life is wonderful!"


What to expect:


You will prompted for the next 30 days to shift and change your experience of life to one of continuous happiness.  The program starts with a FREE tele-seminar on the "Importance of Happiness" and then continues with daily emails containing lessons and exercises to guide you deeper into the exploration of what happiness means to you. Daily emails give you access to visualizations, meditations and to our interactive website with:


-- daily lessons

-- daily exercises

-- motivational stories

-- inspirational quotes

-- pictures and photos to spark ideas

-- a daily activity journal

-- interactive discussions


And, the ability to share and explore with other participants in our Online Forum!

For 30 days, you can be totally immersed in putting all the principles you've been learning for decades into action.   You already know so much!  You have already healed so much.  Each day, you will be prompted to practice new behaviors and new ways of thinking and talking and believing. You will be guided to develop habits and reinforce ways of operating so happiness can become a continuous state of being headed toward the ultimate goal of a wonderful life!


Join us on a fun, exciting and fascinating journey to explore happiness and, ultimately, create the WONDERFUL LIFE you've always wanted!  Make the commitment now.  Afterall, aren't you worth it!! 



The Secrets to Happiness

starting Mar 28th with a FREE seminar

  only $29.95