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Welcome to MONEY MAGIC

30 Days of manifesting money

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Visualization is a powerful process of "seeing" in your mind's eye what it is that you want to create.  Jim Carrey visualized a check for $10,000,000 and ultimately created exactly that.  Olympic athletes see themselves doing a particularl sport over and over again perfectly until their body automatically does it exactly that way. Pro-golfers practice the perfect stroke until their brain (and subconscious) know exactly how to do it no matter how much pressure they are under.  


You can do it too.  As Jim Carrey said recently to Oprah, "Visualization works, but you have to work at it. You can't just do it once and think you will be successful."  Your mind

does not know the difference between was is "real" and what you create in your 

mind, therefore, the more "real" you make your visualizations, the more successful you will be.  This means to bring in every sense - see the money, feel it in your fingers, smell it, flip it through your fingers so you can hear it.  This is the same way that you mind measures reality and you can use it to create anything that you want.  But, the ultimate key to success with any visualization is repetition.  Do it regularly and often - just like the pro-athletes do and you will succeed!


Below are a series of suggested visualizations that will become more successful as you repeat them as often as possible.  Pick one or two that work for you.  Repeat it and watch for the magic that can result!

1.  "Expanding Wallet


Start out just imagining what you wallet looks like.  You can even take your wallet out and examine it with detail.  Notice the style, the texture, the color. the stitching.  Where is it worn or frayed?  Open it and see the inside where you place the paper money.  Examine the paper bills and their details as well, the color, feel, smell, etc.  Now, close your eyes and imagine you can see this same wallet and the bills inside.  Imagine that the wallet is packed full of paper bills and that the wallet keeps expanding as you are adding more and more bills. Imagine that the denomnations of the bills keep increasing.  $20 bills (or E20), then $50 (E50), $100 (E100), $500, E500. $1000, (E1000).  How does it feel to know that your wallet it holding thousands and thousands of dollars (or Euros)?  


Make sure you enhance the feeling!  This is very important.  The whole purpose of visualizing all of this money is for the feelings that is generates.  Those feelings are the resonance that will change you and your reality. Below are some photos to assist you in seeing this EXPANDING WALLET.

2: "Stacks of Money"


In this visualization, you imagine that you are stacking gold bars all across the floor.  To help you visualize and imagine, take a look at the photos below.  A gold bar weighs approximately 27 lbs (12.4 kg) so they are very heavy (about the same as 4 gallons of water.)  You have to lift and place each bar with effort.  They are heavy but they are also extremely valuable.  Each one is worth around $380. 


On top of the layers of gold bars, you then place stacks of paper bills.  The cash is wrapped in individual stacks of about 1" - 1 1/2" thick.  Each stack is wrapped with string or with a paper band. You neatly stack the paper bills on top of the gold bars, layer after layer. Money is piled high all across the room.  


Imagine that you are layering these bills everywhere in your room.  Put the bills inside of cabinets and drawers;n top of closet shelves.  Fill the bathtub to the top with cash; the shower; the closets.  Keep expanding this visualizing to all areas of your house - the garage - even your car.  Imagine that when you drive, paper bills are flying out of the windows (but you don't care, because you have so much of it.)  Imagine that you have paper bills in your pockets, your brief case, your purse. Money, money EVERYWHERE!


Use the photos below to help you imagine these images. Do this visualization each morning when you wake up and again before you fall to sleep at night.

"Stacks of Money" Visualization