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 magical opportunity


                                   Money Magic


c r e a t i n g   m o n e y   t h e   m a g i c a l   w a y . . . . 



30 days of programming, processing and magic:  to create and manifest MONEY.

Even though everyone wants it - it's the one thing no one talks about.  If you have too much of it - others might be jealous.  If you have too little of it, you might be embarassed.   And if you don't have enough of it, you live in fear. But you're told "Don't be fearful!" "Don't complain!" "Don't brag."  And, most of all - don't you dare tell anyone you want a ton of it!   That's just plain shocking!


Is it any wonder, that money's a struggle....??


What do you know about manifesting - that is, consciously choosing to create something you want and then using the tools you have - mentally, emotionally and physically to create exactly what you want!  You are going to have an opportunity to dig down deep and make changes at subliminal level like you have never done before.  For 30 days, Tamaara will be guiding us on a journey to not just explore money, but to manifest more money than you ever thought possible!

You may say you've already worked with your "abundance" issues - that you've taken lots of courses with little or no success.  You already know a lot about your limitations, but its time to put that all aside.  It's time to start creating exactly what you want and it starts by admitting that you want it!


Our 30 day MONEY MAGIC Program begins with a FREE webinar to discuss all that's involved in truly creating prosperity and wealth. Thereafter, we will be visualizing, meditating, affirming and focusing on the one thing you were told to just create and not think about.  We're going to be thinking about it. Talking about it. Resonating on it - with the goal of creating it.  A LOT OF IT!  (Click here for more info on the 30 Day Program.)

No more complaining about it, No more fearing it, but really doing it.  Setting a goal and sticking to it.  Demanding what you want with a new fury.  No longer being ashamed, embarassed or worrying about what others think.  If you want money - demand it.  Claim it!  And then you can manifest it and start living life with all the bounty that is available to every one of us!